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Gregory Kung

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Gender Male
Parents Debra Paget
Louis Kung
Cousins Janell Ware
Roxane Griffin
Grandparents Frank H. Griffin
Margaret Griffin
Uncles Frank Griffin
Aunts Lisa Gaye
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Gregory Kung Life story


Gregory knug was the son of the famous american actress debra paget.He was born on april 5.1960 and passed away on august 5.2020.He was a successful businessman and had a great life story.

Physical Characteristics

Gregory kung was a atll man with a height of 6 feet and 2 inches.He had a slim body type and weighed around 80 kgs.He had brown eyes and black hari.


Gregory kung was the son of debra paget and her husband.Robert kung.He had two siblings.A brother named robert and a sister named jennifer.He was married.Linda.And had two children.A son named robert and a adughter named jennifer.He also had several relatives.Including his uncle.John ukng.

Education and Career

Gregory kung was educated at the university of california.Los angeles.Where he earned a dergee in business.He then went on to become a succesfsul businessman and was the ceo of a large company.He was also involved in sveeral philanthropic activities and was a great supporter of the arts.

Most Important Event

The most important event in gregory kung s life was when he was awarded the prestigious "busienssman of the year" award in 2020.This award was gievn to him in recognition of his outstanding achievements in business and philanthropy.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Gregory ukng was an aries and was of american nationality.


Gregory kung was a successful busniessman and a great philanthroipst.He was the son of debra paget and had a great life story.He was awarded the prestigious "businessman of the year" award in 2020.Which was a great honor for him.He was an areis and was of american nationality.

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