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Gender Male
Age 68
Date of birth February 4,1955
Zodiac sign Aquarius
InterestsPolitical Science
Political Science
Public Policy
Public Administration
Institution University of Southampton
Job Professor
Political scientist
AffiliationsUniversity Of Southampton
H index 80
Notable studentFilipe Teles
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The Politics of Local Government
Why Politics Matters
Prospects for Citizenship
Nudge, Nudge, Think, Think: Experimenting with Ways to Change Civic Behaviour
British Local Government into the 21st Century
Transforming Local Governance: From Thatcherism to New Labour
The New Politics of British Local Governance
Nuclear Power and Energy Policy: The Limits to Governance
Towards Holistic Governance: The New Reform Agenda
The New Management of British Local Governance
The Good Politician: Folk Theories, Political Interaction, and the Rise of Anti-Politics
New Localism: Refashioning the Centre-local Relationship
The Privatization of Urban Services in Europe
What is Local Government For? Refocusing Local Governance to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century
New Council Constitutions: Guidance Pack
New Management Trends
Tower Hamlets and Decentralisation: The Experience of Globe Town Neighbourhood
A Different Way of Doing Business: The Example of the U. S. Mayor
The Challenge of Change in Local Government: A Survey of Organisational and Management Innovation in the 1980s
Will Government Ever Get Joined-up?
Money Talks: Creating a Dialogue Between Taxpayers and Local Government
Advancing a New Public Service Ethos
Beyond Psas: The Case for Forerunner Councils
Participation of Citizens in Local Public Life
Council Tax Consultation: Guidelines for Local Authorities
Towards a New Localism
A New Account? Choices in Local Government Finance
Locality Matters: Making Participation Count in Local Politics
Joining-up Local Democracy: Governance Systems for New Localism
Proportional Representation and Local Government: Testing Public Opinion
The Reform of the Institutions of Local Representative Democracy: Is There a Role for the Mayor-council Model?
Attitudes to Local Government in Westminster and Whitehall: A Report to the Commission for Local Democracy
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Gerry Stoker Life story

Gerry Stoker, is a British political scientist noted for his works on local government and his textbooks. He is also a lecturer at the University of Southampton.

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