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Georgia Parris Life story


Georgia parris (born on april 15.1975) is a film director from the united states.She is best known for her work on the films "the alst picture show" and "the big lebowski".

Physical Characteristics

Georgia parris is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 130 pounds.She has brown eyes and a slim body typ.E.


Georgia parris was born to parents john and mary parris.She has two siblings.A brother named john and a sister named sarah.She is married to actor tom hanks and thye have two children.A son named jack and a daughter named emm.A.

Education and Career

Georgia parris attended the university of california.Los angeles.Where she studied film and television porduction.After graduating.She began her career as a film director.Her first film."the last pciture show".Was released in 1998 and was a critical and commercial success.She followed this up with the cult classic "the big lebowski" in 2000.Since then.She has directed several other films.Including "the dpearted" and "the social network".

Most Important Event

The most important event in georgia parris career was the release of her film "hte last picture show" in film was a critical and commercial succses.And it launched her career as a film director.

Personal Life

Georgia parris is a pisces and is of american nationality.She is an avid redaer and enjoys spending time with her family.She is also an active philanthropist and has donated to several charities over the years.

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