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Gender Male
Death253 years ago
Date of birth December 16,1714
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Gloucester
United Kingdom
Date of died September 30,1770
United States
Spouse Elizabeth James
Buried First Presbyterian Church
Job Preacher
Education The Crypt School
University of Oxford
Pembroke College
Parents Elizabeth Edwards
Thomas Whitefield
Place of burialOld South Presbyterian Church, Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

Selected Sermons of George Whitefield
George Whitefield's Journals
George Whitefield: Sermons
The Method of Grace
The Lord Our Righteousness
Walking With God
Whitefield & Wesley on the New Birth
Eighteen sermons, preached by the late Rev. George Whitefield, A. M
The Revived Puritan: The Spirituality of George Whitefield
A Collection of Hymns for Social Worship: More Particularly Designed for the Use of the Tabernacle and Chapel Congregations in London. By Geo. Whitefield, . . .
A Continuation of the Reverend Mr. Whitefield's Journal, from His Arrival at Savannah, to His Return to London
Journal of a Voyage from London to Savannah in Georgia
A Sermon on Regeneration
The Seed of the Woman & the Seed of the Serpent: The Almost Christian, a Sermon
Sermons on various important subjects
Abraham's Offering Up His Son Isaac: A Sermon Preached by the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield, A. B. Late of Pembroke College, Oxford
At the Pulpits of Gloucester: The Sermons of George Whitefield
Letters of George Whitefield, for the Period 1734-1742
The Great Duty of Family Religion. A Sermon [on Josh. Xxiv. 15].
A Letter to the Reverend Dr Durell: Vicechancellor of the University of Oxford; Occasioned by a Late Expulsion of Six Students from Edmund Hall. By George Whitefield, . . .
The Works of the Reverend George Whitefield . . . : Containing All His Sermons and Tracts Which Have Been Already Published
Great Sermons -: The Great Duty of Family Religion
The Rev. Mr. Whitefield's Answer, to the Bishop of London's Last Pastoral Letter
A Select Collection of Letters of the Late Reverend George Whitefield . . . Written to His Most Intimate Friends, and Persons of Distinction, in England
The Knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Best Knowledge: A Sermon Preached at Great St. Helens. With Two Prayers Annexed; . . . By George Whitefield, . . . . . .
Some Remarks Upon a Late Charge Against Enthusiasm, Delivered by the Right Reverend Father in God, Richard, Lord Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry, to the REV
The Almost Christian: A Sermon Preached at the Parish Church of Saint John Wapping, &c. By George Whitefield, . . .
The two first parts of his life, with his Journals, rev. , corr. , and abriged
The Quaker and the Methodist Compared. in an Abstract of George Fox's Journal. with a Copy of His Last Will and Testament, and the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield's Journals; With Historical Notes
Fifteen Sermons Preached on Various Important Subjects: By George Whitefield . . . Carefully Corrected and Revised According to the Best London Edition. To which is Prefixed a Sermon, on the Character, Preaching, &c. of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield. By Joseph Smith . . .
Fifty-Nine Sermons
Sermons of George Whitefield: The 57 Preaching Lectures on Christian Theology, History, Bible Doctrine and Prophecy, Complete (Hardcover)
The Marks of the New Birth: A Sermon Preached at the Parish Church of St. Mary, White-Chapel, London. By George Whitefield, A. B. . . .
Intercession Every Christian's Duty: A Sermon Preached at the Parish Church of Great Saint Helen, on Tuesday, December 27. 1737. By George Whitefield, . . .
The Revivals of the Eighteenth Century: Particularly at Cambuslang
The Indwelling of the Spirit: The Common Privilege of All Believers. A Sermon Preached at the Parish-church of Bexly in Kent, on Whitsunday, 1739. By George Whitefield, . . .
Christ the Best Husband: Or an Earnest Invitation to Young Women to Come and See Christ. A Sermon Preached to a Society of Young Women, in Fetter-lane. By George Whitefield . . .
Of Justification by Christ: A Sermon Preached at the Parish Church of Saint Antholin, &c. By George Whitefield, . . .
A Farewel Sermon Preached on Board the Whitaker at Anchor Near Savannah in Georgia on Sunday May the 17th 1738. By George Whitefield . . .
Christ the only preservative against a reprobate spirit. A sermon [on 2 Cor. xiii. 5] preached at Blackheath
Britain's Mercies, and Britain's Duty: Represented in a Sermon Preach'd at Philadelphia, on Sunday August 24, 1746. . . . By George Whitefield . . .
The Marriage of Cana: A Sermon Preached at Black-Heath, in the Year MDCCXXXIX. By . . . George Whitefield
The Nature of Revival
Satan's Devices. a Sermon Preached at Great St. Helen's, London. by George Whitefield,
A Letter to the Reverend Mr. John Wesley: in answer to his Sermon, entituled, Free-Grace
The Power of Christ's Resurrection. A Sermon [on Philip. Iii. 10] Preached at Werburgh's, in the City of Bristol
The Christian's Companion: Or, Sermons on Several Subjects. Containing, I. Directions How to Hear Sermons. . . . XII. the Folly and Danger of Being Not Righteous Enough
The Marks of the New Birth. a Sermon Preached by George Whitefield,
The Godly Family: A Series of Essays on the Duties of Parents and Children
Great Sermons by Great Preachers
Sermons of George Whitefield
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George Whitefield Life story

George Whitefield, also known as George Whitfield, was an Anglican cleric and evangelist who was one of the founders of Methodism and the evangelical movement. Born in Gloucester, he matriculated at Pembroke College at the University of Oxford in 1732.

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