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Gaspard-Gustave De Coriolis

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Gender Male
Death181 years ago
Date of birth May 21,1792
Zodiac sign Gemini
Born Paris
Date of died September 19,1843
Known forCoriolis force
Coriolis effect; Differential analyser; Integraph; Kinetic energy
BooksMathematical Theory of Spin, Friction, and Collision in the Game of Billiards
Job Mathematician
Mechanical engineer
Education École Polytechnique
FieldMathematics, Physics
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Gaspard-Gustave De Coriolis Life story

Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis was a French mathematician, mechanical engineer and scientist. He is best known for his work on the supplementary forces that are detected in a rotating frame of reference, leading to the Coriolis effect.

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