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Fix It & Finish It photograph

Fix It & Finish It

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Gender Male
Cast Antonio Sabàto, Jr.
Mar 2, 2016
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EpisodesEpisodesS02 E44 · Nicki's CreationsMar 3, 2016 S02 E43 · Fighting the Good FightMar 2, 2016 S02 E42 · Fun & GamesMar 1, 2016 View 45+ more
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Fix It & Finish It Life story

"Fix It & Finish It" seeks houses with rooms in desperate need of a makeover. After meeting with homeowners, a team of contractors and designers decides how to perform each renovation. The team then gets to work on the project, which has to be completed quickly. When the room is fully transformed, the team presents the homeowners with "the reveal." Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. is the host of the show to introduce segments, and --occasionally -- he heads to the location where the design team is working. … MORE

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