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Gender Male
Age 62
Date of birth April 8,1962
Zodiac sign Aries
Born Malvern
United Kingdom
Partner Guillaume Baltz
Job Journalist
Television presenter
Book editor
Education Harvard Kennedy School
Department of Journalism, City University
St John's College, Oxford
The Ashcombe School
Movies/Shows Mind the Gap: London vs the Rest
The City Uncovered
Dragons' Den
Dan's Motel
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

Post-Truth: Why We Have Reached Peak Bullshit and What We Can Do About It
Public Spending
New Penguin Business Dictionary
Your Idea Can Make You Rich
Travels With Pookie: A Humorous E-Mail Diary of Rv Travels to National Parks and Other Attractions in the Us
Hume Occasional Paper No. 31: the Nestle Takeover of Rowntree
1985 Benefit Reviews: The Effects of the Proposals
Post-Truth B
Economics for Advanced Level Dinner Parties
A Fruitless Marriage: Same-sex Couples and Partnership Rights
The Economist Books Dictionary of Economics
1992: Myths and Realities
Capital Controls: The Implications of Restricting Overseas Portfolio Capital
Alternative Proposals on Tax and Social Security
Made In Britain: How the Nation Earns Its Living
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Evan Davis Life story

Evan Harold Davis is an English economist, journalist, and presenter for the BBC. Since autumn 2018, he has been the lead presenter of PM on BBC Radio 4. In October 2001, Davis took over from Peter Jay as the BBC's economics editor.

Evan Davis was told at his wedding that father had killed himself

Evan Davis was told at his wedding that father had killed himself
Jul 22,2023 9:10 pm

...By Jasmine AnderssonBBC NewsBBC presenter Evan Davis has revealed how he learned on the day of his wedding that his seriously-ill father had taken his own life...

Gary Lineker tops star salaries list in BBC annual report

Gary Lineker tops star salaries list in BBC annual report
Jul 11,2023 7:20 am

... For example, Evan Davis has his salary listed for presenting BBC Radio 4 s PM programme, but not for hosting Dragons Den...

Mix-up: 'you called the wrong Robert Shapiro. '

Mix-up: 'you called the wrong Robert Shapiro. '
Feb 16,2020 10:11 am

... Evan Davis was interviewing experts about the messages that TV cameras can film in Crown Courts in England and Wales for the first time The PM program had a means of defending the book of the renowned US lawyer who helped successfully to OJ Simpson, to discuss the development with a retired judge of the Supreme court...

Grenfell Tower: Second apology over Jacob Rees-Mogg comments

Grenfell Tower: Second apology over Jacob Rees-Mogg comments
Feb 16,2020 7:53 am

... Asked by presenter Evan Davis if Mr Rees-Mogg was implying that he was cleverer than most people, Mr Bridgen replied: But we want very clever people running the country, don t we, Evan? That is a by-product of what Jacob is and that is why he is in a position of authority...

Apr 24,2024 7:01 pm

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