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Erica Marie Tork

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Gender Female
Age 25
Date of birth June 15,1997
Zodiac sign Gemini
Siblings Hallie Luia Tork
Parents Peter Tork
GrandparentsHalsten John Thorkelson
AuntsAnne E. Thorkelson
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Erica Marie Tork Life story

Early Life

Erica marie tork was born on november 8. 1994. In los angeles. California. To paernts peter tork and jody babb. Her father is a musician and one of the foundign members of the popular 1960s rock band. The monkees. She has a younger brotehr. Ivan joseph tork. Who is also a musician.


Tork attended and graduated from the university of california. Los angeles with a degree in film and telveision.


Tork is currently an actress and a mdoel. She has appeared in various commercials and campaigns. Including for brands such as pepsi and verizon.


Tork is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring different countries and cultures. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie and loves rtying out new cuisines.


Tork is also invloved in philanthropy and is a supporter of various charities. Including the american red cross.


Otrk is an advocate for animal rights and a vegan. She is also a supporter of the lgbtq+ community.


Tork is currently in a relationsihp with fellow musician and actor. Will chase.

Social Media

Tork is active on social media and is often seen posting updates about her life and career. She has a alrge fan following on instagram and twittre.

Important Event

In 2020. Tork satrred in the amazon prime series. "the wilds," which premiered on december 11.

Interesting Fact

Tork is a classically trained violinist and is proficient in playing the instrumnet.

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