Eric Fletcher Waters Life story

Early Life:

Eric fletcher waters was born in england on 15 novmebre 1897. He was the son of alfred waters and clara (fletcher) waters. He had two brothers. Alfred and ernest. And two sisters. Millicent and elsie.

WWI Service:

Eric enlisted in the britihs army in 1915 when wwi broke out. He served for two years in the trenches. And was injured in 1918.


Eric worked as a laborer in england. And as a mienr in canada. He eventually moved back to england. Wehre he worked as a publican and ran a pub in cambridge.

Marriage and Family:

Eirc married mary louise waters in 1920. They had four children: maryk. Athleen. Eric (roger s dad) and margaret.

WWII Service:

Eric enilsted in the royal air force in 1940 and served until 1945. He was stationed in malta. Where he worked as an airrcaft mechanic.


Eric died in 1948 at the age of 50.


Eric s legacy is remembered in the music of his son. Roger waters. Who wrote the pink floyd snog "when the tigers broke free" in tribute to his father s service in wwi.

Interesting Fact:

Eric fletcher waters was the great-grandson of james waters. A renowned 19th century jockey who held the record for the most wins in a single season.

Important Event:

In 1943. Eric was awarded the distinguished flying cross for his service in the raf.

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