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Gender Male
Age 63
Date of birth January 13,1960
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Born Ann Arbor
United States
SpouseJi Na
ParentsRobert Betzig
Job Engineer
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Eric Betzig Life story

Robert Eric Betzig is an American physicist based at the Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia. He has worked to develop the field of fluorescence microscopy and photoactivated localization microscopy.

Nobel chemistry prize: Lithium-ion-battery-honored scientists

Feb 16,2020 6:59 am

(L-R) John B . Goodenough, M Stanley Whittingham, Akira Yoshino

Three scientists were awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry for the development of lithium-ion batteries.

John B Goodenough, M Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino will share The Prize for their Work on these devices with rechargeable batteries for portable electronics.

at The age of 97, Prof Goodenough is the oldest ever Nobel Prize winner.

Professor of chemistry, Olof Ramström, said the lithium-ion batteries, "activate the mobile world".

The Trio of the price share of money in the amount of nine million crowns (£738,000).

The lithium-ion battery is a lightweight, rechargeable and powerful battery, which is used in everything from cell phones to laptops to electric cars.

The Nobel Committee said: "Lithium-ion batteries are in use worldwide to power portable electronic devices that we use to communicate, Work , study, listen to music and search for knowledge. "

Committee member Sara Snogerup Linse, of Lund University, said: "We have access to a technical revolution. The Prize winners developed, lightweight rechargeable batteries have a high enough potential to be useful in many applications. "

in addition to their use in electric vehicles, the rechargeable devices could also be significant amounts of saving of energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy.

on the occasion of an event in the British Royal Society , where he is already scheduled, you honor to receive The Society 's Copley Medal to his Work , Prof Goodenough said: "I never had a lobby for, or you can enjoy on this special day, but I am very glad that it arrived. "

the creation of The lithium-ion battery placed was during the oil crisis of the 1970s. M Stanley Whittingham, 77, born in Nottingham, UK, to develop worked, the energy technologies is not solely on fossil fuels

He discovered an energy-rich material called titanium disulfide, the he used, a cathode - the positive Terminal - in lithium battery.

Whittingham, who is now based, from the anode, to the negative battery Terminal , made of metallic lithium. This has a strong preference for the release of electrons, so that it is very suitable for use in batteries.

The lithium-ion-battery "is activated the mobile world,"

The resulting device was able to release only a little more than two volts, but the metal lithium, it is explosive.

John B Goodenough, of the Americans, but in Germany was born, predicted that the cathode could be improved if it was made of a metal oxide rather than sulphide.

In 1980, after the search for The Ideal material, Goodenough, a professor at, used cobalt oxide to increase the lithium battery has the potential to four volts.

Goodenough on the cathode as a basis, Akira Yoshino , 71, created The First commercial lithium-ion battery, in 1985.

Yoshino, born in Osaka, Japan, works for the and.

Sony released The First commercial lithium-ion batteries in the year 1991, based on Yoshino-configuration.

Prof Goodenough was received in the UK, the Royal Society , the Copley Medal

Prof Ramström, a Nobel Committee member from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA, commented: "This battery is a very, very good battery. It is high-powered with high energy efficiency, so it has found applications in almost everywhere. "

Prof Dame Carol Robinson, President of the British Royal Society of Chemistry, says of the winners: "their ground-breaking research is everywhere you look and a good example of how chemistry, the way everything from the Mobile Phone has paved in your pocket, the electric vehicles and home energy storage of The Future . "

Bonnie Charpentier, President of The American Chemical Society (ACS), commented: "given the increasing threats posed by extreme climate changes, today's announcement is a welcome bright light on the portability of the energy that has enabled seems to be an unprecedented progress in communications, Transport and other tools to support the critical aspects of life around The World . "

Prof Sir Venki Ramakrishnan base, President of the Royal Society , said: "Scientific breakthroughs are rarely - if ever - a solo-game, and it is absolutely fitting that this year's Nobel Prize for chemistry, to be released in this way. "

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Previous winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, A bacterial "motor" seen with cryo-electron microscopy

2018 - earned Frances Arnold , George S. Smith and Gregory Winter of the price.

in 2017, Jacques Dubochet , Joachim Frank , and Richard Henderson were excellent

2016 - Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Fraser Stoddart , and Bernard Feringa shared the price for the.

2015 - deserves Tomas Lindahl and Paul Modrich, and Aziz Sancar of the award.

2014 - Eric Betzig , Stefan Hell and William Moerner have been with the price.

2013 - Michael Levitt , Martin Karplus and Arieh Warshel , The Prize was shared for.

2012 - Work that resulted, won The Prize to Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka .

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