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    Emily O'Hara Ratajkowski is an American model and actress. Born to American parents in London and raised mainly in California, she rose to prominence in 2013 after appearing topless in the music video for Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", which became the number one song of the year in several countries.

  • 2527763 Oscars until 2020: 13 looks that will attract attention

    Number of words : 1365 Number of sentences : 73 Number of paragraphs : 52

    The Little Women star Florence Pugh was wearing a blue-green dress from Louis Vuitton on The Oscars Red Carpet

    It was parasites, the night at The Oscars on Sunday, but away from The Ceremony , it was a night of cats, dogs, and Turkey sandwiches.

    The Stars were busy getting their outfits signed, smuggling in food and bring your Pets to the Red Carpet and The After -parties.

    Here is a look at 13 is The Most eye-catching outfits.

    1. Billie Eilish will find it difficult to text with these nails

    The singer wore a gorgeous white Chanel jacket on the Red Carpet , complete with several of the Chanel accessories.

    her hair was fixed with the "CC" logo hairclip and tied in a Chanel headband, while her lace fingerless gloves, which were marked with "Cha" and "Nel".

    your extra-long black nails that look Finished , which was easily one of the highlights of this year on the Red Carpet .

    Eilish went on to participate in The Ceremony . The rumors that they would debut their new Bond theme was unfortunately nothing, she wanted to perform, but A Haunting Interpretation of Yesterday by The Beatles , to accompany section, the "In Memoriam " -.

    2. Natalie Portman staged a silent protest

    you may not have heard about it, because hardly anyone has mentioned it in the last month, but there were no women nominated for best Director at The Oscars this year.

    Natalie Portman decided the matter in their own hands.

    The Actress wore a black Dior dress embroidered with The Names of The Women that came into consideration, in the category of directed great movies in The Past year.

    The Names include: Lorene Scafaria (headed hustler), Lulu Wang (The farewell), Greta Gerwig (Little Women ), Marielle Heller (A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood ), and Melina Matsoukas (Queen & Slim).

    you don't "was to go all the way" on the issue. Portman production has not yet a film with a female Director other than Portman herself.

    3. Julia Butter smuggled in some emergency food

    There is no one more deserves praise this year is, perhaps, as the 10-year-old actress, she want to hide a sandwich in your $2,500 purse.

    Julia Butters , appears in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, to recognized law, it would be likely to get hungry during the three-and-a-half-hour Oscar ceremony.

    So, while she looked very elegant in a light pink Christian Siriano dress, she also made full use of the Marzook crystal orb bag she is carrying, which turned out to be just The Right size for a Turkey sandwich.

    4. Some of the guests brought a (mini -) plus-one

    Ugly Betty star America Ferrera looked nothing but ugly, as she showed her baby bump in a purple dress.

    The Actress announced her second pregnancy at the beginning of the year.

    Fererra, who shoulders visited with husband Ryan Piers Williams, wore a red pleated chiffon dress with tiered, designed by Alberta Ferretti .

    Ciara (non-storm) are looking up to the Vanity Fair after-party, just as radiant. The R& B singer is expecting her Second Child with husband, Russell Wilson .

    5. Spike Lee 's tribute to Kobe Bryant

    In perhaps The Most poignant and touching seen at the end of homage on the Red Carpet this year, Director Spike Lee his outfit is in honor of Kobe Bryant .

    The American basketball star, died in a helicopter crash last month at the age of 41 years, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

    Lee had Bryant Jersey number 24 emblazoned on his Gucci suit, which was purple with gold piping - the colors of the Lakers, Bryant-team.

    The Number was displayed on the lapel of his suit jacket and on his upper back, while he was complete, opted for orange Nike trainers to the look.

    6. Sandy was signed, Songwriter Diane Warren , nominated for best original song, was one of the many signatories

    Nowadays, Most People are not autographs want, if you are a celebrity, you want to selfies.

    But the costume designer Sandy Powell was nominated for The Irish, so wanted to present many signatures as possible from the A-listers.

    This is because you is planning the auction, and The Outfit , in order to save money, the former home of her mentor and close friend, Derek Jarman , The Artist , and LGBT activist, died in 1994.

    after the death of Jarman's partner, the hut and its contents, so that they can be preserved for The Nation .

    7. Newcomer easily held their own

    - Roman Griffin Davis and Archie Yates began her Hollywood career in a big way the last few years, as the two young stars of the Jojo Rabbit .

    you may be at the age of 12 and 11, respectively, but the pair More Than veterans like Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks earned their places next to the Hollywood.

    Both were dressed in smart tuxes, with Davis in particular, catch everyone's eye with a bright orange collar.

    8. Sustainability is the new black

    sustainability was a big theme on the Red Carpet , to recycle with several stars of the decision, some elements of your outfits.

    Much has been in this awards season, Stella Mccartney 's tuxedo worn by Joaquin Phoenix , the actor has to be worn to any ceremony, which he has visited.

    fortunately, after last weekend, the Baftas in London, which he remembered to have it with him on his TRANS-Atlantic flight back to Los Angeles .

    Meanwhile, book smart star Kaitlyn Dever wore a Louis Vuitton dress with tencel, an eco-friendly fiber.

    Saoirse Ronan Gucci dress featured a V-neck bodice of black satin from The Dress she wore to last weekend's Bafta Film Awards.

    9. The Stars have to dress for both hot and cold climates

    Diane Keaton, have the feeling of the cold, because they came on the scene with Keanu Reaves, wearing a black-and-white trench coat plaid over a plaid pants suit.

    Emily Ratajkowski , on The Other hand, the feeling was a little warmer, for Nothing More than a simple white bralet and skirt as she hits the Vanity Fair party.

    10. Worn by Sir Elton John rock(et)ed

    Most of the tuxes from men, The Oscars , the occasional white came in The Standard colors usually black, maybe.

    of Course, Sir Elton John put his own spin on the traditional look by wearing purple. He even wore matching trainers for a splash of extra color.

    There certainly stick made him out from The Crowd , but he blended perfectly with the bright-colored set that accompanies his live performance of Rocketman, I'm going to return the love to Me.

    The Track scored him (and co-writer Bernie Taupin ) The Oscar for best original song.

    11. James Corden and Rebel Wilson got catty

    The eye-catching outfits are not restricted to the Red Carpet . Several stars changed costume for their appearance in The Ceremony .

    James Corden and Rebel Wilson , both of which have the main role in cats, introduced The Best visual effects, " dressed as their characters.

    "As a cast member in the motion-picture-cats, no one More Than we can understand the importance of a good visual effects," said the couple, as they walked on the stage, in a jocular allusion to the bad reviews that the film received.

    The gag is not so good with all, however. it was "very disappointing" that the visual effects of the butt was "a joke".

    12. Billy Porter was the lively and extravagant

    wear Wherever there is a Red Carpet , there's always Billy Porter something really fabulous.

    The Pose of The Stars can always put trust, all others in The Shade , and he certainly did not disappoint at The Oscars , when he took it to the Red Carpet , the host of the official pre-show coverage.

    the Porter wore a custom two-piece by British designer Giles Deacon , accompanied from a 24-carat-gold bodice of a flowing silk maxi skirt is rounded with some users, Jimmy Choo shoes custom.

    He put the things for The After party, changing into an equally vibrant purple ensemble, complete with cape and handbag with a slogan so rude, we had to block some of them.

    13. DOG

    We have no idea who Weingarten Charles Annenberg is The Most important thing is he brought a dog to The After -party, and therefore wins the entire night.

    The film-maker and philanthropist (thanks to Wikipedia) is his lovable dog, we would bet, was The Most popular guest of the whole event weighs turns.

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