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Gender Female
First episode dateMarch 29, 1994
Final episode dateJuly 22, 1998
Writers Ellen DeGeneres
Jonathan Stark
Tracy Newman
Mark Driscoll
Dava Savel
Vance DeGeneres
Lawrence Broch
Jul 15, 1998
Played by Sharon Stone
Movies/Shows The Quick and the Dead
Children Robert Aske, of Aughton, Heir of Aughton
Grandchildren Robert Aske
Parents Margaret Dutton, of Dutton
Hugh Egerton
Sir Ralph Ryther, of Ryther Castle
Joseph Mayo
Spouse James Wayne Powers
Current partner William Quiller Orchardson
Charles Blake, 5th Baron Wallscourt
P. Boisset
Date of died February 7,1921
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Ellen Life story

Ellen works in a Los Angeles bookstore called Buy the Book and hangs around with her friends discussing lovers, work and family. The show came under controversy during the fourth season when the title character came out as a lesbian, shortly after Ellen DeGeneres did the same in real life.

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