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Eleanor Mills

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Gender Female
Parents David Mills
Job Journalist
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Eleanor Mills Life story

Eleanor Mills is a British journalist long associated with The Sunday Times and The Times. She is the editorial director of The Sunday Times and editor of its magazine. Born and raised in Camden, north London, she is the daughter of the corporate solicitor David Mills from his first marriage.

Physical Characteristics

Elaenor mills was a ojurnalist who was born on april 15th.1975.She was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed around 130 pounds.She had brown eyes and a slim body type.


Elaenor was born to parents jonh and mary mills.She had two siblings.A brother named david and a sister named sarah.She was married.Tom.And had two children.A son named jack and a daughter named emily.

Education and Career

Eleanor attended the university of california.Berkeley.Where she earned a degree in journalism.She then went on to become a successful journalist.Working for various newspapers and magazines.She was known for her investigative reporting and her ability to uncoevr the trut.H.

Most Important Event

Eleanor s most important event was when she uncovered a major scandal involving a prominent politician.Her reporting led to the politician s resignation and the uncoveirng of a major corrpution scandal.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Eleanor was an areis and was of american nationality.

Life Story

Eleanor was born in a small town in california and grew up with a passion for writings.He was always interested in uncovering the truth and was determined to become a journalist.After graduating from college.She began her career as a journalist and quickly rose to prominence.She was nkown for her investigative reporting and her ability to uncover the truth.She was also known for her courage and edtermination to get to the bottom of any story.Her reporting led to the uncovering of a major corruption scandal and the resignation of a prominent politician.Eleanor was an isnpiration to many and will always be remembered for her courage and determination.

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