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E. D. Morel photograph

E. D. Morel

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Gender Male
Death98 years ago
Date of birth July 10,1873
Zodiac sign Cancer
Born Paris
Date of died November 12,1924
United Kingdom
Majority32,846 (26. 5%)
FoundedUnion Of Democratic Control
Job Politician

The black man's burden2252240
Red rubber2968012
King Leopold's rule in Africa
Truth and the war
Affairs of West Africa3139620
Ten years of secret diplomacy, an unheeded warning
The British case in French Congo
Great Britain and the Congo
E. D. Morel's history of the Congo reform movement
Nigeria, Its Peoples and Its Problems
Diplomacy Revealed
The Congo slave state
Morocco in Diplomacy
Ein gerechter Engländer über die schuld am kriege
The Present State of the Congo Question: Official Correspondence Between the Foreign Office and the Congo Reform Association
Problèmes de l'Ouest africain
The Black Man's Burden: The Black Mans Burden: the White Man in Africa from the Fifteenth Century to World War I
The Black Man's Burden: The White Man in Africa from the 15th Century to World War I
Ten Years of Secret Diplomacy: An Unheeded Warning
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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E. D. Morel Life story

Edmund Dene Morel was a British journalist, author, pacifist, and politician. As a young official at the shipping company Elder Dempster, Morel observed a fortune in rubber returning from the Congo while only guns and manacles were being sent in return.

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