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David Bird

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Gender Male
Age 77
Date of birth March 29,1946
Zodiac sign Aries
Born London
United Kingdom
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Date of Upd.

Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand
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Squeezes Made Simple
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Kosher Bridge
Unholy Tricks
The Simple Squeeze
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The Abbot's Return to Earth
Bridge Squeezes for Everyone: Yes, Even You!
Defending Notrump Contracts
Doubled and Venerable
Abbot's Great Sacrifice
Tricks With Finesses
Beaten by the Masters
Endplays And Coups
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Miracles of Card Play
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Cardinal Sins
Divine Intervention
Famous Bridge Swings: An Honors Book from Master Point Press
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The Rabbi's Magic Trick: More Kosher Bridge
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The Headmaster, The Matron and the Scissors Coup
Omar Sharif Talks Bridge
All You Need to Know about Play
The Bridge Adventures of Robin Hood
Famous Leads and Defences
Bridge Made Easy: Flash
The Abbot, The Witchdoctor and the Disastrous Double
The Rabbi and the Weaker Sex
Bridge with Imagination
Bridge for Money: Tales of an American Bridge Pro
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David Bird Life story

David Lyster Bird is a British bridge writer from Eastleigh, with more than 130 bridge books to his name. He was born in London and is bridge correspondent for the Mail on Sunday and the London Evening Standard.

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