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  • 2516835 El Paso shooting: Has the fight against white extremism neglected?

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    U.S. authorities investigate The Shooting in El Paso , the left killed 22 people, as a possible case of "domestic terrorism". How Big A threat is this type of terror and how to fight US?

    the police believe that the white suspect, Patrick Crusius, drove hundreds of miles across Texas to have a Hispanic majority population town to carry out his attack.

    He is probably the author of a document posted minutes before The Shooting , said The Attack was "a reaction to the Spanish invasion of Texas".

    In a statement, the FBI said The Attack "underscores the continuing threat of domestic violent extremists and perpetrators of hate crimes".

    He also said he was concerned that "the U.S. could be based on domestic violent extremists inspired to participate by this and the previous high-profile attacks, similar acts of violence".

    Last month, told the FBI that this type of violence was on The Rise and most of it was motivated by a form of white supremacy ideology.

    So how Big A problem is it? Right-wing extremists, with at least 50 killings in the year 2018, Making It one of the worst years in terms of right-wing violence since 1995, according to researchers with the (ADL), an organization that monitors hate crimes.

    Approximately been conducted by those affiliated with white supremacist groups, according to the ADL researchers.

    The violence inflicted by individuals linked to extreme-right groups, whether by their online connections or ideological affinity, made fierce national and international headlines, long before you are in El Paso .

    A woman was killed at a synagogue in Poway, California, in April, while 11 people died in an attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh last year.

    analysts say that this killer was a common ideology of violence, intolerance and hatred, and are driven by people who are discussing you meet in online communities such as 4chan and 8chan, places where they have been able, to, free, white nationalism, and other infectious forms of racism.

    the US authorities Are doing enough? FBI officials say their investigations have been held, with the increasing threat posed by these groups.

    In July , FBI-Director Christopher Wray said, the members of the U.S. Senate judiciary committee that agents had made dozens of arrests in domestic terrorism cases in the previous Nine Months .

    Wray said, these cases belonged to two different Categories - "homegrown violent extremism", a term he and the other FBI agents use to describe individuals who are inspired by "global jihadists", and "domestic extremism," a group that, according to Wray, are those that are "motivated by a version of what one might call the violence of white supremacy".

    FBI agents arrested More Than 100 people in each category includes those who have an affinity to the "global jihadis", as well as for those who are driven by "white supremacist" ideology, he said.

    But others agree with Wray according to the assessment of the office work. They say that regardless of The Number of arrests that have been made in The Past few months, FBI agents and other Federal authorities, less attention have been dedicated, as they should to combat right-wing extremism in the United States.

    These critics say that the Federal authorities placed too much weight on tracking you, the supposed "jihadists" in the United States and have "let The Ball drop" in their efforts to combat white supremacy groups.

    "White racist terror has not getting the attention that Islamist terror has," said Dartmouth College 's Daniel Benjamin , who worked as the U.S. State Department's coordinator for counter-terrorism from 2009 to 2012.

    "The FBI and, later, DHS [U.S. department of homeland security] and turned their attention to the jihadist threat and to the left of the white-supremacist threat behind. "

    The 9/11 factor after al-Qaeda attack on the US in 2001, Washington officials put enormous resources in Anti-terrorist efforts. After, the United States spent $2. 8tn during the financial years 2002 to 2017 in the field of combating terrorism, a global campaign of extremist violence, it began to curb the military and other means.

    From this sum the expenditure for homeland security or the people within the " US-Safe - share of 35%, or approximately $979bn.

    in the course of Time , according to analysts, the investment of resources in the combating of threats by groups such as al-Qaeda and the so-called " Islamic state led to other threats that receive less attention. However, the danger, the grow of the white extremist groups to.

    "We have to understand says Mr Benjamin way - as close as a bow to Islamic extremism". As soon as The Authorities find out that someone has connections to the international jihadist groups, as he says, The Authorities put these people under observation.

    But the attacks on synagogues in the United States, assaults, perpetrated by individuals connected with extreme right-wing groups, which is not in resonance with The Authorities in the way of the threats, the groups of Jihad in The Past . "The mass shooting phenomenon is seen as part of The American way of Life "- unfortunately," he says. "And not so much attention has been paid to the ideology behind these attacks. "

    He says it's another element that The Authorities in relatively low-key, the treatment of white supremacy groups: an underlying current of racism in This Country contributes. "The officials have not yet been exercised by a threat from the inside and from people who look like you - as you were. by a threat from the outside and with a foreign ideology After All , the white supremacy ideology was an element of The American way of Life since long before the Civil War . "

    "It's terrible," he says. "Horrible. "

    Mike German, a former undercover FBI agent who is now with the New York University Brennan Center. He says the FBI has not "declared all terrorists are treated the same", that The Agents "focused on Muslims and Muslim Americans, but in the meantime, the deadly threat posed by the white has become true of the domination of a group, ignored".

    "There is no question to kill that white supremacists group and extreme-right groups, More Than other groups," he says. "But we only have these huge blind spot on the right and racist violence. "

    the changing landscape of threatsSome of The Most powerful extreme right-wing organisations in the USA was before 9/11. One of the groups, Stormfront, the analysts describe as a white supremacist website was created in the year 1996, and it served as an inspiration for Dylann Roof , The Gunman who killed nine people in a Church in Charleston in the year 2015. Another Website, The Daily Stormer, has been around for years.

    accelerated But recently, the online communities for right-wing extremists and white nationalists have grown in popularity and the power, and the radicalization of Time for new converts, dramatically.

    "interval from flash-Bang " of the moment, if someone is exposed first to an ideology to an actual attack "has been radically reduced," says Johannes Bauer, a former U.S. attorney General and author of The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11.

    The radicalisation process used to take months or years to take. Now he says: "It is only a couple of weeks. "This makes it more difficult for the Federal authorities to find the ferret from the violent plots and the people who plan a robbery.

    A vigil in front of the White house, after a white supremacist killed a woman in Charlottesville, Virginia What will happen now? Many people question whether US officials are well-placed extremists in their efforts to respond to the new threats by law.

    Some argue that The Authorities are up to The Challenge . "The FBI has done a great job," says Richard Barrett , the former Director of global counterterrorism operations at MI6, Britain's foreign intelligence agency. "You have a watchful eye on these groups - and have been for some Time . "

    Federal authorities are investigating The Shooting in El Paso as a possible case of domestic terrorism. They also try to stop right-wing extremists, seizure of social media and online platforms and have to be forced to shut down a service.

    in addition to the FBI officials have begun to describe those who believe in radical conspiracy theories as a potential threat, a first for the office, as a and a sign that The Agents are in dealing with a new constellation of The Threat with right-wing extremism and the ideologies imported from abroad.

    But many see it as a tough fight. The President has previously been accused of playing down the danger of right-wing groups. He has also been criticized for fuelling intolerance towards the minorities in his political rallies. A few months ago, he spoke at a rally in a part of Florida that is known as the "panhandle" about an "invasion" of immigrants.

    "shoot," cried someone. In response, Trump made a joke: "This is only in The Panhandle , you can get away with the stuff. "

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