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Gender Male
First appearanceAbandon All Hope5. 10; November 19, 2009
Last appearanceMillennium The X-Files
Creators Eric Kripke
Abilities Teleportation
Demonic possession
Superhuman strength
Played by Mark Sheppard
First appearance rawAbandon All Hope...
FamiliRowena MacLeod ; Gavin MacLeod (son)
Creat by Eric Kripke
SpeciRed-eyed Demon; Human
Last appear All Along the Watchtower
Movies/Shows Supernatural
Okra answer panel mom Mom
Okra answer panel villain Villain
Okra answer panel debut Debut
Okra answer panel personality typePersonality type
First appearAbandon All Hope
Okra answer panel child Child
Okra answer panel history History
Okra answer panel origin Origin
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Crowley Life story

Crowley is a fictional character on the American paranormal drama television series Supernatural, portrayed by actor Mark Sheppard, Known as the King of the Crossroads and the King of Hell in Lucifer's absence.

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