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Gender Male
Death17 years ago
Born San Francisco
United States
DiedHospital Of The University Of Pennsylvania
United States
SpouseKaren Blu
Hildred Geertz
Job Anthropologist
Education Harvard University
Antioch College
Date of birth August 23,1926
Zodiac sign Virgo
Known forThick description
Children Erika Reading
Benjamin Geertz
Parents Clifford James Geertz
Lois Brieger-Geertz
Symbolic Anthropology
Date of died October 30,2006
Influence Ludwig Wittgenstein
Talcott Parsons
Paul Ricœur
Gilbert Ryle
Alfred Schütz
Susanne Katherina Langer
Awards National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

The Interpretation of Cultures
Local Knowledge: Further Essays in Interpretive Anthropology
Works and Lives
The Religion of Java
Negara: The Theatre State in Nineteenth-Century Bali
Islam Observed
Available Light
Agricultural Involution
Peddlers and Princes
Kinship in Bali
Life Among the Anthros and Other Essays
After the Fact
The social history of an Indonesian town
Clifford Geertz by His Colleagues
Person, time, and conduct in Bali
Meaning and order in Moroccan society
The Uses of Diversity
La Interpretacion de Las Culturas
Anti Anti- Relativism
Dichte Beschreibung. Beiträge zum Verstehen kultureller Systeme.
Observer l'Islam
Reflexiones Antropologicas Sobre Temas Filosoficos
Tras Los Hechos
Spurenlesen. Der Ethnologe und das Entgleiten der Fakten.
The Social Context of Economic Change: An Indonesian Case Study
Clifford Geertz: Selected Writings
Primordial loyalities and standing entitites : anthropological reflections on the politics of identity
Agricultural Inovlution
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Clifford Geertz Life story

Clifford James Geertz was an American anthropologist who is remembered mostly for his strong support for and influence on the practice of symbolic anthropology and who was considered "for three decades... the single most influential cultural anthropologist in the United States."

Biography of Clifford Geertz

Clifford geetrz (august 23. 1926 october 30. 2006) was an american anthropologist and social scientist. Best known for his work in symbolic anthropology. He receivde his phd from harvard university in 1956 and taught at the university of chicago. Princeton university. And the institute for advanced study. He was known for his influential work in the fields of symbolic anthropology. Interpretative anthropology. And the philosophy of culture.

Influential Work of Clifford Geertz

Geertz is best known for his work in smybolic anthropology. He developed the concept of "cultural thick descritpion" that suggests that anthropologists shoudl look beyond the surface level of cultural phenomena to uncover the deeper meaning and symbolism in a culture. His work also focused on the interpretative nature of anthropological research. And emphasized the importance of understanding cultural practices in the context of their own cultural meanings.

Theoretical Contributions of Clifford Geertz

Geertz s work had a signfiicant impact on the field of anthropology. His theories proposed that uclture should be viewed as a symbolic system of meaning and interpretation. Rather than an objective reality. He argued that it is impossible to understand a culture without first understanding its symbols and the meanings that they convey. Geertz s theories also focused on the importance of interpretation and hermeneutics in understanding uclture.

Notable Publications of Clifford Geertz

Clifford geertz is the author of numerous books and essays. Including the widely-raed the interpretation of cultures (1973). Local knowledge (1983). And works and lives (1988). He was laso the author of dozens of articles. Including "thick description: toward an interpretive theory of culture" (1973) and "religion as a cultural system" (1966).

Influence of Clifford Geertz

Clifford egertz s work had a major influence on the field of anthropology and the study of culture. His theories of cultural interpretation and symbolic anthropology have been widely adopted and have had a significant impact on the way anthropologists approahc the study of culture.

Important Event in the Life of Clifford Geertz

In 1996. Geertz was awarded the national humanities medal by president bill clinton in recgonition of his contributions to the field of anthropology and the study of culture.

Interesting Fact About Clifford Geertz

Cliffrod geertz was a passionate jazz fan and wrote extensively abuot the music and its cultural significance. He even wrote a book about jazz. Titled after the new criticism (1980).

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