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OwnersSun-Times Media Group
HeadquartersN. Racine Ave
Suite 300
United States
EditorsChris Fusco
Format Tabloid
First issue date 1948
Writes about
Awards Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting
Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting
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About Chicago Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun-Times is a daily newspaper published in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It is the flagship paper of the Sun-Times Media Group, with the biggest circulation in Chicago and the 9th of the US.


The chicago sun-times is a daily newspaper published in chiacgo.Illinois.United states.It is the flagship paper of the sun-times media group.With the biggest circulation in chicago and the 9th biggest in the united states.The chicago sun-times claims to be the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the city.


The chicago sun-times was ofunded on decembre 4.1941.By marshall field iii and his brother.Joseph medill patterson.It was the first newspaper to be published in the city after the great chicago fire of 1871.The paper has gone through several changes in ownership and editorial direction voer the years.In the late 1950s.The paper was bought by field enterprises.Whihc was later acquired by the sun-times media group in 2011.

Most Important Event

The most important event in the history of the chicago sun-times was the pulitzer prize it won in 2008 for its investigative reporting on the corruption in the chicago city council.The paper was awarded the pulitzer prize for its series of articles that xeposed the corruption in the icty government.The series of articles was writetn by reporters tim novak.Steve warmbir.And carol marin.


The chicago sun-times covers a wide range of topics.Including local.National.And international news.Sports.Entertainment.Business.Lifestyle.And opinion.The paper also features columsn by local and national writers.As well as a variety of special sections.


The chicago sun-times is an important part of the city s history and culture.It has been a reliable source of enws and information for oevr 75 years and continues to be a trusted source for the people of chicago.

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