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Charles Billich

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Charles Billich Life story

Charles Billich is an artist living in Sydney, Australia. He is the 2000 recipient of the Sport Artist of the Year Award presented annually by the American Sport Art Museum and Archives. Charles Billich conceived a series of images based on the Bing Ma Yong Terracotta warriors.

Charles Billich is an artist living in Sydney, Australia. He is the 2000 recipient of the Sport Artist of the Year Award presented annually by the American Sport Art Museum and Archives.

Charles Billich conceived a series of images based on the Bing Ma Yong Terracotta warriors. The Bing Ma Yong images are represented on a collection of 16 postage stamps currently in circulation in China.


Charles Billich's works have hung in the White House, the United Nations Headquarters, and the Vatican.

Billich paints and draws in all media and sculpts in precious and semi-precious metals.

Billich's painting subjects include Ballet and sport, architecture and town planning, eroticism and classicism, portraiture, and stage. Humanitarian pieces and works of religious significance are also within his focus.

"Humanity United" was created from a brief extended to him by the Australian Red Cross to commemorate the 2001 Centenary of the Nobel Prize for Peace. Dr José Ramos-Horta, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation for East Timor, requested he paint their Independence painting.

In June 2004, Billich exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Hosted by the UN Friendship Club, Billich was invited back with his "Humanity United" collection in September 2006.

Inspired by his work "The Beijing Cityscape", the official image for the successful Beijing bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, Charles Billich conceived a series of images based on the Bing Ma Yong Terracotta Warriors. The collection of images, portray the Bing Ma Yong Terracotta Warriors in a series of sporting compositions.

In June 2004 Billich completed "Jubilation China's 100 Year Olympic Dream Realised" - a piece depicting the celebration that followed the announcement of China's to be the 2008 Olympic host nation.

Billich created a cityscape painting of the 2008 Olympic Water Sports Venue Qingdao, which has been presented to the Mayor and the Beijing Olympic Committee in Qingdao in July 2005.

Billich also created "The World In Union." This is the official image of the Rugby World Cup 2003.

Charles Billich received the "Honorary Citizen of Atlanta" and the Key to the city during the Centennial Games; the title Sports Artist of the Year 2000, an Honorary Doctorate and the "Order of the Eagle Exemplar" from the United States Sports Academy and American Sport Art Museum. In 2004 he has also assumed the role of Trustee of this premier sports education facility. Billich has been decorated with the Olympic Gold Order by the French Ministry of Sport for his contributions to the French Olympic Team during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.


The Vatican Collection, Rome

United Nations Heardquarters, Geneva

The White House Collection, Washington D.C.

Ferrari Collection, Milan

Shaolin Temple, China

International Red Cross Museum, Geneva

International Olympic Museum, Lausanne

Museum of Modern Art Mobile, Alabama

Art Bank Commonwealth of Australia;

City of Düsseldorf, Germany;

Brisbane City Hall Art Gallery;

The Parliament of Victoria;

Australian Embassy to Germany;

Australian Embassy to Croatia;

Hall of Congress, Washington D.C., Queensland Art Gallery;

U.S. Sports Academy;

Royal Collection, Kuala Lumpur;

City of Melbourne;

Government Utah, USA;

Government East Timor;

Central Queensland University, Rockhampton;

The City of Sydney;

Embassy of Croatia, Canberra;

Australian Embassy to Japan;

City of Kanagawa, Japan;

USA Australian Olympic Committee Headquarters, Sydney;

New York State Govt. Port Authority;

The Royal Collection of Thailand;

Parliament House, Dili, East Timor;

Exhibition Building, Melbourne;

Royal Australian Air Force;

Rockhampton Gallery, Qld;

The City of Hakodate, Japan;

The City of Osaka, Japan;

State Theatre, Sydney;

The Parliament of Japan;

City of Rijeka, Croatia;

NSW Government, Australia;

Beijing Olympic Organising Committee;

City Of Qingdao China;

Recent appointments

Artist, Florence Biennale 2009

Artist, Monaco Eco Art Parade 2009

Artist, ChinaWhite Cartier Polo Tournament 2009, Guards Polo Club, UK

Artist, St. Tropez Open Du Soleil Polo Tournament 2009, France

Appointed, by Royal Command, Artist in Residence for the Coronation of His Majesty King George Tupou V, Tonga 2008

St Moritz Art Masters, Switzerland 2008

Artist for Australian Olympic Team, Beijing 2008

Artist for US Olympic Team, Beijing 2008

Artist Carnivale Christi 2004/2005

Artistic Patron Sydney Polo Club 2004

Artist for Australian Olympic Team, Athens 2004

Artist for US Olympic Team, Athens 2004

Artist for Australia Day Regatta 2001–2006

Trustee United States Sports Academy

Patron NSW Chin Woo Athletics Association

Artist Sydney Greek Festival 2004

Artist for Rugby World Cup, 2003

Artist for Timor-Leste Independence Day, 2002

Artist for United States Olympic Committee, 2002/2003

Designated Artist 2001 Centenary Nobel Peace Prize

Sports Artist of the Year, 2000

Artist for the Australian and US Olympic Teams, Sydney 2000

Artist Beijing Olympic Bid, 1999–2000

Artist for the Australian and US Olympic Teams, Atlanta 1996

Artist 1996 Formula 1 Grand Prix, Melbourne, 1996

Commemorative Centenary Painting, Australian Football League, 1996

Recent Exhibitions

Eco Art Parade 2009”Eco Art Parade 2009" is an environmental art exhibition in aid of the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco. This year's theme is that of the Bonelli's Eagles, an endangered species of the Mediterranean, whose protection is supported by the Foundation.

To honor the beauty and the rights of the Bonelli's Eagles, Charles Billich presented a bronze sculpture of “The Order of the Golden Eagle.” The work can be viewed from 8 June to 8 October 2009 in the Principality of Monaco.


Commander of the Order of the Crown of Tonga (31 July 2008).

77th Honorary Shaolin Monk, Henan, China 2004

Milan & Spoleto Awards, Italy, 1989

Victorian Heritage & Cultural Award 1988

Centennial Olympic City, USA 1996

Honorary Citizen of Atlanta,1996

Order of the Eagle Exemplar, USA, 2000

Doctor Philosophy Honoris Causa-United States Sports Academy

Prints award/Gold Medal 1987/88

Spoleto Award, Italy, 1987

Published resources

Who's Who in Australia 2009

USA Sports Academy Publication, 2000

Billich Art Armanae, Grafiche Nicolini Editore, Italy 2000

2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century, UK

Artists & Galleries of Australia

Billich 1971-1991(Editalia)

Encyclopaedia of Australian Art

Australian Impressionist & Realist Artists

Who's Who of Australian Visual Artists


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