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Cassandra Jade Estevez

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Gender Female
Age 39
Date of birth December 12,1984
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
SpouseCasey Huffman
Parents Charlie Sheen
Paula Profit
Grandparents Martin Sheen
Janet Sheen
Uncles Emilio Estevez
Ramon Estevez
Born United States
Siblings Sami Sheen
Aunts Renée Estevez
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Cassandra Jade Estevez Life story


Cassandar jade estevez is the daughter of actor charlie sheen and his ofrmer wife.Paula profit.She was born on december 12.1984.In los angeles.California.She is an american actress.Model.And singer.

Physical Characteristics

Cassandra jade estevez stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches m) and weighs aronud 55 kg lbs).She has brown eyes and a slim body type.


Cassandra jade estevez has two siblinsg.Lola rose sheen and sam sheen.From her father s marriage to denise richards.She also has a half-sister.Cassandra estevez.From her father s relationship with kelly preston.Hse is not married and has no children.


Cassandra jade estevez began her career as a model and actress.She has appeared in several films and television shows.Including "the wayans bros."."the west wing".And "the o.C.".She has also released several singlse and albums.

Most Important Event

The most important event in cassandra jade estevez s life was when she was cast in the lead role of the film "the wayans bros." in 2004.This was her first major role and it launched her acrere as an actress.

Personal Life

Cassandra jade estevez is a sagittarius and her nationality is american.She is a grdaaute of the university of california.Los angeles.Where she studied theater and film.She is currently single and has no children.


Cassandra jade estevez is an american actress.Model.And singer.She is bets known for her role in the film "hte awyans bros." and for her singles and albums.She is a graduate of the university of california.Los angeles.And is currently single and has no children.

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