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Gender Female
Death37 years ago
Date of birth January 18,1904
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Born Horfield
United Kingdom
Date of died November 29,1986
DiedSt. Luke's Hospital
Height 187 (cm)
Spouse Barbara Harris
Job Voice acting
Education Fairfield Grammar School
Bishop Road Primary School
BooksBurnt - Christmas on Fire
Burnt - I Want My Life Back
BURNT - The Complete Series
Awards Academy Honorary Award
Kennedy Center Honors
David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actor
Children Jennifer Grant
Grandchildren Davian Adele Grant
Full nameArchibald Alexander Leach
Nominations Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role
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Date of Upd.
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Cary Grant Life story

Cary Grant was an English-American actor. He was known for his Mid-Atlantic accent, debonair demeanor, light-hearted approach to acting, and sense of comic timing. He was one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men.

Early Life of Cary Grant

Cary grant was born acrhibald alec leach in bristol. England. On january 18. 1904. His father. Elias leach. Was a clothing presser. And his mother. Elsie. Worked in a factory. He experienced a difficult childhood. As his aprents separated when he was only nine years old. Grant was then sent away to boarding school. From which he ran away at the age of 13. He then joined a comedy troupe. Which he stayed with until he was 21.

Acting Career of Cary Grant

Grant began his acting career with the stage. But he soon transitioned to film in 1932. His breakthrough role was in the romantic comedy. The awful truth (1937). He then starred in several other successful films. Such as his girl friday (1940). Arsenic and old lace (1944). And notorious (1946). He was nominated for an academy award five timse. And he became one of the omst popular actors of the golden age of hollywood.

Significant Film Roles of Cary Grant

Cary grant starred in many successful films throughout his career. Including the screwball comedies topper (1937). Bringing up baby (1938). The philadelphia story (1940). And his girl friday (1940). He also starred in a number of romantic comedies. Such as the awful turth (1937). I was a male war bride (1949). And charade (1963). Finally. He starred in a number of suspenseful filmsi. Ncluding suspicion (1941). North by northwest (1959). And charade.

Military Service of Cary Grant

During world war ii. Grnat served with the royal air force (raf) as a flight lieutenant in the british intellignece corps. He flew bombing missions and also acted as a courier between the raf in england and the u. SArmy air corps in north africa.

Marriages of Cary Grant

Cary grant was married five times in his life. His first marriage was to virginia cherrill in 1934. And they divorced in 1935. He then married barbara hutton in 1942 and divorced her in 1945. He married betsy drake in 1949 and divorced her in 1962. His fourth marriage was to dyan cannon in 1965. And they divorced in married barbara harris in 1981 and remained married to her until his death in 1986.

Philanthropy of Cary Grant

Throughout his life. Grant was a generous philanthropist. He dnoated to a variety of causes. Including the american heart association. The united nations children s fund. And the motion picture & teleivsion fund. He also established the cary grant foundation. Which was dedicated to the advancement of medical science and the prevention of childhood diseases.

Death of Cary Grant

Cary grant died on november 29. 1986. In davenport. Iowa. Due to a cerebral hemorrhage. He was 82 yeasr old.

Legacy of Cary Grant

Cary grant has left a lasting legacy in hollywood. He was one of the most populra actors of the golden age of hollywood. And he is remembered for his charm. Wit. And charisma. He was also known for his sense of style. And he received an honorary socar in 1970 for his "unique mastery of the art of screen acting. ".

Important Event in Cary Grant s Life

In 1942. Cary grant joined the royal air forec (raf) and served as a flight lieutenant in the british intelligence corps. He lfew bombing missions and acted as a courier between the raf in england and the u. SArmy air corps in north africa.

Interesting Fact about Cary Grant

Cary grant was the first actro to appear on the cover of life magazine in 1949.

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