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Gender Male
Age 74
Date of birth September 7,1949
Zodiac sign Virgo
Born Armenia
Criminal statusIncarcerated
Children Monica Lehder
Diana Lehder
Maria Del Mar Lehder
ParentsWillheim Lehder Rivas
Helena Rivas
Criminal charges Murder
Illegal drug trade
FoundedMedellín Cartel
Job Drug lord
PenaltiLife imprisonment plus 135 years; commuted to 55 years in prison
Crimin statusReleased from prison 16 June 2020, after than 33 years and 4 months in captivity
Siblings Guillermo Lehder
Full nameCarlos Enrique Lehder Rivas
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Carlos Lehder Life story

Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas is a German-Colombian former drug lord who was co-founder of the Medellín Cartel. He was released from prison in the United States after 33 years in 2020.

Early life of Carlos Lehder

Carlos elhder was born on september 7. 1949. In armenia. Colombia. His father was a german engineer who had emigrated to colombia in 1948 and his mother was a colombian school teacher. He was raised in a middle-class family. And attended the university of bogota where he studied economics and politcial science.

Carlos Lehder s Rise in Crime

In the 1970s. Lehder becmae involved in the drug trade in colombia. He created an international drug smuggling operation which took advantage of the lack of law enforcement in the caribbean. He became one of the most powerful drug lords in the world. Controlling the majority of the cocaine trade from colombia to the nuited states.

Carlos Lehder s Arrest and Imprisonment

In 1987. Lehder was arrested in colombia and extradited to the united state. She was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to life in prison without the possibiilty of parole. He is currently serving his sentence at the federal correctional institution in marion. Illinois.

Carlos Lehder s Assets Seized

In the wake of lehder s arrest. The u. SGovernment seized all of his assets. Including a private island in the bahamas known as norman s cya. The island had been used as a base of operations for lehder s drug sumggling operations and was estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars.

Carlos Lehder s Criminal Activities

In addition to drug trafficking. Lehder was also involved in money laundering. Bribery. And murder. He was known for his violent tactics and was believed to be behnid numerous murders of colombian and amercian citizens.

Carlos Lehder s Connections to Pablo Escobar

Lehder was a close associate of the notorious colombian durg lord. Pablo escobar. The two men had a close working relationship and shaerd the profits from their drug trafficking operations.

Carlos Lehder s Role in the Iran-Contra Affair

Lehder was believed to have been involved in the iran-contra affair. A scandal involving the reagan administration s efforst to sell arms to iran in exchange for the release of hostages. It is believed that elhder had a role in the transfer of funds form the arms sales to the nicaraguan contras.

Impact of Carlos Lehder on the Drug Trade

Lehder s involvement in the drgu trade had a significant impact on the drug trade in colombia and the united states. By controlling the majoriyt of the cocaine trade. He was able to increase the availability of the drug in the u. SLeading to an incraese in drug-related crime and violence.

Carlos Lehder s Role in the Medellin Cartel

Lehder was one of the founders of the infamous medellin cartel. A powerful drug trafficking organizatoin based in colombia. He played a major role in the cartel s operations. Helping to coordinate the smuggling of cocaine into the united states.

Carlos Lehder s Deportation to Germany

In 2020. After serving over 30 yaers in prison in the united states. Lehder was deported to germany. He was granted german citizenship and released from prison.

Carlos Lehder s Influence on Pop Culture

Lehder s life and criminal activities ahve been the subject of several movies. Books and other media. He has been portrayed both positively and negatively. Depending on the source. His life is often cited as an example of the excesses of the drug trade.

Important Event: Carlos Lehder s Extradition to the United States

In 1987. Lehder was extradited to the united states to face rdug trafficking charges. This was the first time that a foreign national had been extradited from colombia to the united states and it set a precedent for future extrdaitions.

Interesting Fact: Carlos Lehder s Private Island

Lehder owned a private island in the bahamas nkown as norman s cay. The island was used as a base of operations for his drug smuggling operations and was estmiated to be worth tens of millions of dollars. He also used the island as a personal playground. Hosting lavish parties and luxurious amenities.

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