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Carl Sargent

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Gender Male
Age 69
Date of birth December 11,1952
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Monmouthshire
United Kingdom
Job Novelist

Monster Mythology
From the Ashes
Streets of Blood
Iuz the Evil
Night Below
Explaining the Unexplained: Mysteries of the Paranormal
The City of Skulls
The Marklands
Black Madonna
The Shadow Elves
Five Shall Be One
King's Festival
London Sourcebook
Legend of Zagor
The Restless Dead
Tome of Magic
Top Ballista
Death's Dark Shadow
Vault of the Vampire
Shroud of Madness
Revenge of the Vampire
Personality, Divination and the Tarot
Eye of Traldar
Queen's Harvest
Tower of Destruction
Island of the Undead
Master of Chaos
Know Your Own Psi-Q
Paranormal Animals of Europe
Middenheim, City of Chaos
Tir Na Nog: A Shadowrun Sourcebook
The City of Greyhawk
Castle Drachenfels: An Adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Role Play
Are You Psychic?: Tests & Games to Measure Your Powers
52 Night Dragon
Power Behind the Throne: Adventure and Intrigue in the City of Middenheim
The Complete Thief's Handbook
Workplace Companion: A Student Work-Based Learning Notebook
Exploring Psi in the Ganzfeld (Parapsychological Monographs, 17)
Top Ballista/ Pc2
Technical Readout 3025
How to Include Special Populations in School-To-Work: A Practitioner's Guide
Connecting with Schools: A Guide for Business Involvements in School-to-Work
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Carl Sargent Life story

Carl Lynwood Sargent was a British parapsychologist and author of several roleplaying game-based products and novels, using the pen name Keith Martin to write Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

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