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Celebrations Shopping
SignificanceShopping holiday
Movies/Shows South Park
Air dateNovember 13, 2013
Directors Trey Parker
Episode number 7
Season number 17
Writer Trey Parker
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About South Park S17E7

With Black Friday, the angriest shopping day of the year approaching, Wizard Cartman deems it necessary to form alliances in his quest for a new gaming console, but who can he trust during these dark times.

Ex-gang member charged with stabbing Derek Chauvin 22 times

Ex-gang member charged with stabbing Derek Chauvin 22 times
Dec 1,2023 6:31 pm

... Turscak told FBI agents he attacked Chauvin on Black Friday - as the day after US Thanksgiving is known - as a symbolic connection to Black Lives Matter and the Black Hand symbol linked with the Mexican Mafia, according to prosecutors...

France warns people off Black Friday clothes deals

France warns people off Black Friday clothes deals
Nov 24,2023 6:41 pm

...By Lou NewtonBBC NewsThe French government has launched a campaign encouraging people not to buy new clothes in Black Friday sales...

HSBC mobile banking down for thousands across UK

HSBC mobile banking down for thousands across UK
Nov 24,2023 4:21 am

... The problem comes on Black Friday, a day when many people will be making purchases due to the discounts offered by retailers...

Black Friday: Amazon staff in Coventry strike

Black Friday: Amazon staff in Coventry strike
Nov 24,2023 2:00 am

...By Caroline Gall & PA Media BBC News, West MidlandsHundreds of Amazon staff have gone on strike as Black Friday, one of the year s busiest shopping days, starts...

Black Friday deals: How to avoid impulse buys in the sales

Black Friday deals: How to avoid impulse buys in the sales
Nov 21,2023 6:01 am

... it can only mean it s Black Friday again...

How factories are deploying AI on production lines

How factories are deploying AI on production lines
Nov 15,2023 9:51 pm

... A minute of factory downtime can cost companies thousands of pounds, and increased delays can mean missing out on consumer demand at critical moments like the festive period or Black Friday...

PlayStation 5 supply issues finally fixed after three years, says Sony

PlayStation 5 supply issues finally fixed after three years, says Sony
Oct 26,2023 10:51 am

... " He said the shortage of PS5 consoles meant they had largely not been part of Black Friday deals in previous years, but he expected that to change this year...

High-value Amazon orders 'switched for cat food', say customers

High-value Amazon orders 'switched for cat food', say customers
Mar 11,2023 11:40 am

... " He had bought a graphics card for the discounted price of £400 on Black Friday [22 November], ahead of Christmas, it was going to be his present, " she said...

Black Friday deals: How to avoid impulse buys in the sales

Jan 11,2023 2:41 am

By Riyah CollinsBBC Newsbeat

If your inbox currently looks like this: " Buy now! " " Don't miss out! " " Deals end soon! ". . it can only mean it's Black Friday again.

With the cost-of-living crisis, lots of us will be looking for crossed-out prices and big yellow stickers.

But research by consumer advice group Which? suggests we might not be getting The Deal we bargained for.

Before you click " add to basket" BBC Newsbeat's asked some experts for their top tips on resisting temptation.

1. Don't Panic - Black Friday isn't the only sale

Which? has published analysis of 208 deals at eight major shops on Black Friday 2022, tracking The Price of the items Every Day for the six months before and after the Big Day .

It found that only five of the 208 products - 2% - were at their lowest price during the November sales.

So this is not your only chance to get a good deal.

" There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year when you can find the same products for the same price or maybe even cheaper than Black Friday , " says Harry Kind, from Which?.

Kat Leech, known as Kat Saves on TikTok, shares money-saving tips with her 40,000 followers and says companies try and encourage us to impulse buy items we might not need out of fear we're missing a good deal.

" Getting targeted with ads can be really difficult, " the 27-year-old says. " I turned off all of those marketing emails. "

2. Make a wish list

A good way of avoiding those impulse buys is to know what you want to buy so you can Shop Around .

Kat, who lives in Manchester, says having a list of what we really want can help us avoid being drawn in.

" The main shopping rule that I really live by when It Comes to sales like Black Friday is if you were going to buy it anyway, then you're saving money, " says Kat.

" If you weren't going to buy it, then you're just wasting money. "

Kat says impulse buying is " one of the worst habits you can have" when It Comes to saving cash.

" It's so much better to just do your research beforehand on the things that you actually want to buy, " she says.

3. Do your research on Black Friday deals

Harry agrees that researching your shopping basket is key to avoiding overspending.

" Use price comparison websites to make sure that you're buying something from the cheapest place at the cheapest time, " he says.

Using price tracker websites that let you see how much the cost of an item has changed over time, Which? found some retailers hiked prices in the run-up to Black Friday .

They'd then reduce them again, but the new prices were often more expensive than at other times of the year.

For example, Which's research found Apple Airpods on sale in May 2022 for £99-£109 before going up to £139 a few months later.

That meant when they were priced at £119 for Black Friday they were marked as £20 off, but you could have saved an extra £20 earlier in the year.

Obviously, that doesn't help much if you're looking to bag a cut-price Christmas gift in November, but seeing a discount can push you into an impulse buy.

Harry advises to " ignore that 'was' price and just Focus On the now price because that's what's important".

4. Look out for Black Friday scams

" In amongst these deals are some deals that are too good to be true, " says Harry.

" If you see something which is a massive reduction on an item that you know is more expensive elsewhere then be really, really cautious. "

He says scammers can create convincing rip-off websites that leave customers with dodgy products or even nothing at all.

Harry suggests being extra cautious when shopping on Social Media and using a credit card to give you extra protection when making purchases.

5. Do you really need it?

Kat's ultimate advice is just to reduce what we buy.

" You don't actually have to buy anything on Black Friday , you don't even have to buy anything for Christmas, " she says.

Harry agrees and says it's more important than ever to make more considered choices.

" If you buy something you don't want, even if it's got all The Money off in The World , it's not a good deal, " says Harry.

" With the cost-of-living crisis, there's never been a better time to see through the corporate nonsense that is Black Friday , so don't feel that FOMO.

" Make sure you're buying only those things that you really need. "


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