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Gender Male
Death53 years ago
Date of birth May 18,1872
Zodiac sign Taurus
Born Trelleck
United Kingdom
Date of died February 2,1970
United Kingdom
Children Lady Katharine Tait
Conrad Russell, 5th Earl Russell
John Russell, 4th Earl Russell
Harriet Ruth Russell
Lady Harriet Russell
Job Actor
Social Critic
Education Trinity College
University of Cambridge
Awards Jerusalem Prize for the Freedom of the Individual in Society
Sylvester Medal
De Morgan Medal
Kalinga Prize
Butler Gold Medal
Nobel Prize in Literature
Essays Why I Am Not a Christian
Russell–Einstein Manifesto
On Denoting
Is There a God?
Spouse Edith Finch Russell
Grandparents John Russell, 1st Earl Russell
Edited worksRussell on metaphysics
Letters to Bertrand Russell
Man's Peril, 1954‑55
Full nameBertrand Arthur William Russell
Parents John Russell, Viscount Amberley
Katharine Russell, Viscountess Amberley
Influences Ludwig Wittgenstein
Gottlob Frege
David Hume
Albert Einstein
Grandchildren John Russell, 7th Earl Russell
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Date of Upd.
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