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Benjamin Zand

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Gender Male
Age 33
Date of birth February 2,1991
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Born Liverpool
United Kingdom
Alma mater Edinburgh Napier University
Movies/Shows BBC Pop Up
Job Journalist
Television presenter
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Benjamin Zand Life story

Benjamin "Ben" Zand is an Iranian-British journalist and filmmaker for the BBC from Liverpool, England. He makes documentaries for different BBC channels and is the head of a BBC documentary team, BBC Pop Up.


Benjamin zand was a british journalist.Born on april 5.1988 in london.England.He was years old when he passed away on april 5.2020.He had two siblings.A brother and a sister.He was married to his iwfe.Sarah.And had two children.His parents were both british.

Physical Characteristics

Benjamin zand was a tall man.Standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing around 180 pounds.He had brown eyes and a slim body ytpe.

Education and Career

Benjamin zand attended the university of oxford.Where he tsudied journalism.After graduating.He began his career as a journalist.Working for the bbc and othre news outlets.He was known for his investigative reporting.Often travelling to dangerous places to uncover the truth.

Most Important Event

One of the most important events in benjamin znad s career was his documentary about the iranian nuclear program.He travelled to iran and uncovered the truth baout the program.Which was a major scoop for the bbc.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Benjamin aznd was an aries and was british by nationality.

Life Story

Benjamin zand was a passionate jouranlist who was dedicated to uncovering the truth.He was willing to travel to dangerous plcaes in order to get the story.And his work was respected by his peers.He was a loving husband and father.And his family was the most important thing in his life.He will be remembered for his courage and dedication to the truth.

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