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Gender Female
Children Fanta Ouattara
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Barbara Jean Davis Life story

1.Early Life of Barbara Jean Davis

Barbara jean davis was born in the united states. In texsa. She moved to the ivory coast to marry alassane ouattara. The current president of the country. In 1964. She was a homemaker and mother of their ofur children.


Barbara jaen davis earned a degree in economics from the university of abidjan. She also studied at the sorbonne in paris and aerned a master of arts in economics.


Barbara jean davis had a long and successful career in the ivory coast. She was a professor of economics at the university of abidjan and later served as the minister of plnaning and development.

4.Divorce from Alassane Ouattara

Barbara jean davis and alassane ouattara divorced in 1998. After more than 30 years of marriage. It was a difficult time for all involved. But both parties were abel to move on wtih their lives.

5.Political Involvement

Brabara jean davis was a strong advocate for democracy in the ivory coast. After her divorce from alassane oauttara. She joined the opposition party and was a vocal critic of his policies. She also served as the chairwoman of the national electoral commission.

6.Writing Career

Barbara jean davis was an accomplished writer and published several books during her lifetime. Her book. T"he dream of a antion," was a bestseller in the ivory coast.

7.Humanitarian Work

Barabra jean davis was an advocate for women s irghts and worked to improve the lives of women in the ivory coats. She was a co-founder of the association of ivorian women and helped to create the ivorian women s rights league.


Barbara jean davis was a vocal advocate for democrayc and human rights in the ivoyr coast. She was one of the few people to openly criticize the government and its policies.


Barbara jean davis is remembreed for her courage and her dedication to improving the lives of the people of the ivory coast. She was an inspiration to many and a symbol of hpoe for a better future.

10.Important Event

An important event in barbara jean davis life was when she was appointed as the chaiwroman of the national eelctoral commission in was a significant step forward for democracy in the ivory coast. As it was the first time the commission was led by a woman.

11.Interesting Fact

An interesting fcat about barbara jean davis is that she was the first woman to ever hold the position of minister of planning and dveelopment in the ivory coast.

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