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Asakura Norikage photograph

Asakura Norikage

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Gender Male
Date of died September 23,1555
DiedKaga Province
Parents Asakura Sadakage
GrandparentsAsakura Ujikage
Great-grandparent Asakura Norikage
ChildrenAsakura Iekage
Asakura Yukikage
Grandchildren Asakura Takakage
Asakura Tsunekage
Asakura Kōkyū
Asakura Kagefuyu
Great grandchildAsakura Ujikage
Asakura Kagefusa
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Asakura Norikage Life story

Asakura Norikage, also known as Asakura Sōteki, was a Japanese samurai warrior of the latter Sengoku Period.

Asakura Norikage (朝倉 教景, 1477 – September 23, 1555), also known as Asakura Sōteki (朝倉 宗滴), was a Japanese samurai warrior of the latter Sengoku Period. from Asakura clan.

Norikage was the eighth son of Asakura Toshikage.In 1506, he led the Asakura against the Ikkō-ikki in the Battle of Kuzuryugawa at the Kuzuryū River. In 1555, another engagement occurred in the Battle of Daishoji-omote.In 1548, he became a priest and changed his name to Soteki; however, this did not keep him from engaging in war. He engaged in his last campaign at the age of 79 against Ikkō adherents(He captured Daishōji castle in 1555.). He died at the age of 82 in 1555. He participated in twelve battles in his life.


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