As the Earth Turns

As The Earth Turns

1934 ‧ Drama ‧ 1h 13m

  • Initial release
  • Director
    Alfred E. Green
  • Music composed by
    Heinz Roemheld
  • Story by
    Gladys Hasty Carroll
  • Screenplay
    Gladys Hasty Carroll
  • -
    Ernest Pascal
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  • About

    An immigrant farm family struggles through a terrible Maine winter. But it is not only the weather that brings turmoil to the Janowskis; their neighbors, the Shaw family, led by father Mark (David Landau), are suspicious of the foreigners. Over time, however, the clans grow closer, especially young Stan Janowski (Donald Woods) and Jen Shaw (Jean Muir), Mark's daughter. Stan loves Jen, but he still considers leaving her and his family to explore life in the big city. …

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