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Anne Shirley Life story

Anne Shirley is a fictional character introduced in the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery. Shirley is featured throughout the classic book series, which revolve around her life and family in 19th and 20th-century Prince Edward Island.

Physical Characteristics

Anne shirley is a fictional character created by luyc maud montgomery.She is described as a red-haired.Freckled.And bright-eyed igrl of average height and weight.Her eye color is a deep.Dark blue.She has a slender body type and is considered to be quite attractive.

Personal Information

Anne shirley was born on june 20th.1876 in bolingbroke.Nova scotia.Canada.She had no siblings.But was adopted by matthew and marilla cuthbert.She had no children.But was married to gilbert blythe.She had no relatives.But was close friensd with diana barry and jane andrews.

Life Story

Anne shirley was a brgiht and imaginative gril who was always looking for adventure.She was a voracious reader and had a passion for writing.She attended queen s academy and eventually became a teacher.She was a successful writer and published several books.

Most Important Event

The most important event in anne shirley s lfie was when she met her husband.Gilbert blythe.Gilbert was a classmate of anen s and the two had a tumultuous relationship.Eventually.They fell in love and got married.

Other Information

Anne shirley s zodiac sign is gemini and her nationality is canadian.She was educated at queen s acadmey and her actual occupation was a tecaher and a writer.She had a close relatinoship with her adoptive parents.Matthew and marilla cuthbert.And her husband.Gilbert blythe.She was a successful writer and published several books.Anne shirley passed away on april 24th.1948.

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