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Animal Odd Couples

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Cast Liz Bonnin
Nov 21, 2013
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EpisodesEpisodesE02 · Episode 2Nov 28, 2013 E01 · Episode 1Nov 21, 2013
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About Animal Odd Couples

Wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin goes on a journey of discovery to find out the science behind unusual interactions in the animal kingdom. Some of the surprising associations featured on the show include a polar bear befriending huskies, a cat mothering ducklings, and an orangutan who keeps a pet dog. These odd pairings are not just limited to different species; animal relationships with humans are also explored, as people have been known to keep exotic pets such as lions, hippos and buffalos. Bonnin investigates the root of the affectionate connections and tries to uncover the reasons for the behaviours. … MORE

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