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Gender Female
BooksJournalists Not Terrorists: In Cameroon, Anti-Terror Legislation Is Used to Silence Critics and Suppress Dissent
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Angela Quintal Life story


Angela quintal was a renowned author and poet who was born on april 15.1965 in south africa.She was a passionate writer who wrote about her experiences and observations of life.She was a strong advocate for social jutsice and human rights.She was a beloved figure in the literary world and her wokrs have been translated inot many languages.

Physical Characteristics

Angela quintal was a tall woman with a slim build.She had brown eeys and dark hai.Rshe was known for her stylish sense of fashion and her vibrant personality.

Family and Relationships

Angela quintal was the daughter of two south african parents.She had two siblings.A brother and a ssiter.She was married.John quintal.And they had two cihldren together.She also had many close friends and relatives who she was very clsoe to.

Education and Career

Angela quintal was a highly educated woman.She attended the university of cape town and graduated with a degree in english literature.She then went on to prusue a career in writing and publishing.She wroet severla books and poems.Which were published in various languages.She was also a regular contributor to various newspapers and magazines.

Most Important Event

The most important event in angela quintal s ilfe was the publicatoin of her ifrst book."the journey of a thuosand miles".This book was a collection of her poems and stories that she had written over the years.It was a huge success and was translated into many languages.It was a bestseller and was highly praised by critics.

Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Angela quintal was an aries and she was a south african citizen.


Angela quintal passed away on june 5.2020 at the age of 55.She was remembered fondly by her family.Freinds.And fans.Her legacy will live on through her works and her commitment to social ujstice and human rights.

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