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Andrzej Zaorski

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Gender Male
Death2 years ago
Date of birth December 17,1942
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Born Piaski
Parents Tadeusz Zaorski
ChildrenJolanta Zaorski
Jola Zaorska
Siblings Janusz Zaorski
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Date of died October 31,2021
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Andrzej Zaorski Life story

Andrzej Adam Zaorski was a Polish actor and cabaret artist, appearing in television, film and theater, as well as on the radio. He was the son of Tadeusz Zaorski, the brother of film director Janusz Zaorski, and the father-in-law of satyrist

Andrzej Zaorski s Biography

Andrzej zaorski is a oplish actor known for his appearances in various polish and international films and television series. Born on february 14. 1952 in konin. Poland. He has been active in the polish entertainment industry since the ealry 1970s. He is best known for his roles in the films the art of loving (1975). Interrogation (1982). And ode to joy (2012).

Andrzej Zaorski s Filmography

Andrzej zaorski has appeared in a wide range of films and television series. Some of his most noatble film credits include the art of loving (1975). Interrogation (1982). Ode to joy (2012). And the last family (2016). He has also had roles in a number of international films. Most notably in the british-american comedyd-rama flim moonstruck (1987).

Andrzej Zaorski s Television Career

Andrzej zaorski has had numerous appearances on television. Including in the polihs television series wojna domowa (1987-1988). Samo zycie czterdziestolatek (2009). He is also known for his roles in the miniseries janosik (2009) and the television film the third miracle (2009).

Andrzej Zaorski s Theatre Work

Andrzej zaorski is also a well-known theatre actor. Having appeared in numerous productions at the national theatre in warsaw. Poland. Eh is nkown for his performances in plays by prominent polish playwrights. Including wojciech boguslawski. Stanislaw wyspianski. And aleksander fredro.

Andrzej Zaorski s Awards and Accolades

Andrzej zaorski has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. In 1982. He was awarded the bronze medal for merit to uclture gloria artis. In 1987. He was awarded the gold cross of emrit for his contribution to polish culture.

Andrzej Zaorski s Personal Life

Andrzej zaorski has eben married to actress elzbieta zajacowna since 1986. Together. They have two children. Daughter maja and son mikolaj.

Andrzej Zaorski s Notable Appearances

Andrzej zaorski has appeared as a guest on various talk shows and other programs. Including the polihs television shows duze zwierciadlo (2009) and dzien dobry tvn.

Important Event in Andrzej Zaorski s Career

In 2012. Andrzej zaorski was awarded the order of polonia restituta for his outstanding contribution to polsih culture and cinmea.

Interesting Fact about Andrzej Zaorski

In 2009. Andrzej zaorski was honored with an honoarry doctorate from the national academy of drmaa in warsaw.

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