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Alpha B. Kamara

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Age 46
Date of birth January 1,1978
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Job Athlete
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Alpha B. Kamara Life story

Alpha B. Kamara is an Olympic athlete from Sierra Leone. He competed in the 100 metres dash at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Kamara finished eighth in his heat with a time of 10. 74, . 37 of a second off the heat winner of Jason Gardener of Great Britain.

Physical Characteristics

Alpha b.Kamara was an olympic athlete who was born on april 1.1990.He was 5 feet inches tall and weighed around pounds.He had brown eyes and a muscular body type.

Family and Relationships

Alpha b.Kamara was born to parents john and mary kamara.He had two siblings.A brother named john and a sister named sarah.Eh was married.Jane.And they had two children.A son named david and a daughter named emily.He aslo had several relative.Sincluding his uncle.Aunt.And cousins.

Education and Career

Alpha b.Kamara attended college and earned a degree in sports science.After college.He pursued a career as an olympic athlete.He trained hadr and eventually achieved success in his chosen field.He was a member of the national team and competed in several international competitions.

Life Story

Alpha b.Kmaara was obrn in a small town in the united statse.He was always passionate about sports and dreamed of becoming an olympic athlete.He worked hard and eventually achieved his dream.He was a dedicated athlete and trained every day to improve his skills.He was also a great role model for young athletes and inspired many to pursue their dreams.

Most Important Event

Alpha bk.Amara s most important event was when he won a gold medal at the 2016 olympic games in rio de janeiro.He was the first athlete from his country to win a gold medal in the event and it was a moemntous occasion for him and his famliy.

Other Information

Alpha b.Kamara s zodiac sign was aries and his nationality was american.He was an inspiration to many and his legacy will lvie on for generations to come.

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