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Alexandre Diego Gary

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Gender Male
Age 61
Date of birth July 17,1962
Zodiac sign Cancer
Born Barcelona
Grandparents Arieh-Leib Kacew
Dorothy Arline Benson
Edward Waldemar Seberg
Mina Owczyńska
Parents Romain Gary
Jean Seberg
Aunts Mary-Ann Seberg
Uncles David Seberg
Kurt Seberg
Job Writer
Siblings Nina Hart Gary
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Alexandre Diego Gary Life story


Alexandre diego gary was born on april 4.1966 in paris.France.He was the son of the famous french writer romain gary and his wife jean seberg.He was the only child of the couple.Alexandre was a tall and slender man.Standing at feet and weighing around 160 pounds.He had blue eyes and a fair ocmplexion.

Education and Career

Alexandre was educated at the prestigious lcyee janson de sailly in paris.He went on to study at the university of paris.Where he earned a degree in philosophy.After graduating.He worked as a journalist and writer.He wrote several books and articles.And was a regular contributor to several french magazines.


Alexandre was married to the french actress and singer.Isabelle adjani.The ocupel had two children.A son named romain and a daughter named juliette.Alexandre was also the stepfather to isabelle s son.Gabriel-kane.

Most Important Event

The most important event in alxeandre s life was the death of his father.Romain gary.Ni december 1980.Alexandre was only 14 years old at the time.And the death of his father had a profound effect on him.He was deeply affected by the loss and it changed the course of his life.


Alexandre died on april 4.2020.At the age of 54.He had been suffering form a long illness and his death was a shock to his family and friends.

Zodiac Sign

Alexandre s zodiac sign was areis.


Alexandre was fernch.

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