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An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports.

Stranger Things season four ‘formulaic but fabulous', critics say

Stranger Things season four ‘formulaic but fabulous', critics say
May 23,2022 6:10 pm

... " s Amy Charles, meanwhile, decided the new series was " worth the wait" adding that it was " a fun, albeit terrifying Adventure - and features its scariest monster yet"...

Two men and a dog chases an Arctic dream into a lifeboat

Two men and a dog chases an Arctic dream into a lifeboat
May 3,2020 10:32 pm

... After 5,000 km (3,100 miles) trip to the Arctic circle with a dog named Shackleton, your Adventure continues...

At least the train station is Redcar British Steel is used, the visitor gets a boost

At least the train station is Redcar British Steel is used, the visitor gets a boost
Feb 16,2020 10:06 am

... It s an Adventure...

African photography: Colonial food, cock fights and crowded buses

African photography: Colonial food, cock fights and crowded buses
Feb 16,2020 9:48 am

... ends Fatoumata Diabate: Everyone wants to give to His Sunday (2019) In this picture of a happy newlywed couple in front of a minivan Diabate the joy before the beginning of an Adventure ...

'The closest thing on Earth to interplanetary travel'

'The closest thing on Earth to interplanetary travel'
Feb 16,2020 9:25 am

... David Vaughan, the head of science at the British Antarctic Survey, is dismissive of those who come to Antarctica in search of Adventure...

Cranfield bride 'rescued' by police as car breaks down

Cranfield bride 'rescued' by police as car breaks down
Feb 16,2020 9:15 am

... My dad was with me and he just said it s all part of the Adventure ...

Taylor Wessing Prize: 'Sensitive' mother pictures win over judges

Taylor Wessing Prize: 'Sensitive' mother pictures win over judges
Feb 16,2020 7:52 am

... British artist Kirkwood s picture shows a family setting off on a holiday Adventure - a moment full of promise and possibility...

His Dark Materials: Behind the scenes of the TV adaptation

His Dark Materials: Behind the scenes of the TV adaptation
Feb 16,2020 7:09 am

... Lyra, played by 14-year-old British and Spanish actress Dafne Keen, finds herself embarking on a dangerous Adventure meeting giant polar bears, witches and evil villains, Mrs Coulter is played by Ruth Wilson and Lyra s uncle Lord Asriel is played by James McAvoy...

Two men and a dog chases an Arctic dream into a lifeboat

Feb 16,2020 7:00 am

In February 2018, two young architects, a retired SCHOTT bought of the rescue Boat and converted it into a self-sufficient expedition to Home . After 5,000 km (3,100 miles) trip to the Arctic Circle with a dog named Shackleton , your Adventure Continues .

since 20 years ago, it was known as the Clansman rescue Boat No. 1. It is 11m (36ft) orange fiberglass was, the location, the 100 people in the event of a disaster, the CalMac ferry MV Clansman on his trips to Scotland's West Coast .

The rescue Boat has been carefully maintained and tested every month, But never used seriously. And two years ago abandoned in favor of the new inflatable alternatives.

rescue Boat No. 1 was put up for auction and the highest bid, of £7,000, came from two architects from England.

A quiet retirement for The Old rescue Boat was not what she had in Mind .

Guylee, left, and David decided to do the conversion itself does not Work

After seven years of architectural training, friends, Guylee Simmonds, 29, from Newhaven in East Sussex , and David Schnabel, 28, from Surrey, were quite ready to settle down to the nine-to-five -.

they knew each other from Uni, But worked in separate countries, such as the completion of their professional qualifications. They planned to celebrate with a hike in Norway .

Then Guylee an old rescue Boat to escape, which had been converted to discovered, a house Boat on a river. Soon he was proposing to investigate The Internet . The germ of an idea began to form; Why Not use the adaptation of these sturdy boats and sail in Norway ?

"I come from A Family of seafarers," Says Guylee. "It seemed to me quite natural to transform it in a Boat project. Norway has an incredible coastline, and a Boat is a good way to do it. "

The Next challenge was to persuade you, David. "He is more Out of the country apartment in the background," Says Guylee.

David Was soon on Board with the idea, and when the couple became the new owners of the rescue Boat no. 1 you are Leaving your job and threw himself into the biggest design challenge of their career.

"As architects, We Are designing for Other People , But we did it for us," Guylee Says .

Clansman rescue Boat No. 1 leaves The Service of CalMac ferries in Greenock

rescue Boat No. 1, The Next trip was on the back of a low loader from Greenock on the River Clyde to a Navy shipyard in the port of Newhaven, nearly 500 miles (805km) in East Sussex .

The new owners decided to do the conversion Work himself, including plumbing, electrical, and engine-rebuilding - partly to save money, But also the knowledge, it would be to them invaluable knowledge of The Boat , if something went wrong and had to be repaired.

The lifeboat was still in his original Diesel Engine , But a complete refit is required. Funding came from sponsors and the sale of "shares" that are traded for a short stay on Board.

The existing layout has been removed benches and bilge cabinets with nearly 1,000 emergency water rations, Packed in a single drink servings.

your design featured two double-cabins, bunk beds for guests, a Seating area, a chart, table, kitchen, compost toilet and shower. A wood-burning oven would provide, some Scandinavian hygge to the cold Arctic nights.

supply Small wind were installed turbines and The Roof was covered with solar cells able to 900W of off-grid power.

The original replaced plan, with the curved Windows, while the rear superstructure of The Boat has been cut, are removed to make room for a new plywood and fiberglass the cockpit.

This gave them a small, outside space for storage and, what is equally important, a place to sit, to have a barbecue or a beer on a Sunny Evening .

Hacking a section Out of your newly-acquired Boat , the shape of the cockpit needed nerves of steel But a visiting friend from Canada, gave them moral support

It took More Than a year, The Work will take, and now the rescue Boat had a new name. Stødig - Norwegian for steadfast.

"The rescue Boat was originally manufactured in Norway and that is where we were on the way as a Norwegian, the name seemed appropriate," said Guylee.

"Stødig means stable and reliable, and that was, as we saw, an incredibly safe Home - But it was also a bit tongue-in-cheek. These boats can roll a bit in rough seas, so in another sense, everything other than stable. "

After More Than a year of Work Stødig was ready for The Trip

On a beautiful Spring Day in may of last year, David Guylee and his Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Shackleton , finally sailing from Newhaven, bound for Dover.

The Interior is not yet finished and the last minute had to leave timpani on Board the provisions, Ski, fishing, kite-surfing equipment, and other equipment, The Boat is unevenly weighted on The First .

"It was a bit chaotic," Says Guylee. "We had not much Time for rehearsal. So it was a mixed feeling of fear and excitement. But there is no better feeling than on The Open sea for the First Time in your own Boat . "

Behind the chalk cliffs of East Sussex , as they head for the English Channel

Of Dover, they crossed The World 's busiest shipping lane at the beginning of a 5,000 km (3,100 miles) journey in eight different countries.

on arrival in France, along the Belgian and Dutch coast, before Passing Through Germany's Kiel Canal to the Baltic sea inside, then made their way to the Danish and Swedish coasts.

problems with the engine required a fourteen-day stop in Sweden, But in early July they were ready for Norway .

Shackleton has adapted well to his New Life as a sea-dog

As they crossed The Kattegat, the sea close to the Norwegian South-East Coast , they encountered their most difficult Conditions , such as Stødig staggered by 4m (13ft) to swell.

"It's pushing a heavy Boat so this tends to, through The Waves , But they were said to break over The Top of us," Guylee. "Imagine, on a roller-coaster ride and have no idea when you get off and back on again. "

The Ordeal lasted half A Day , and when it ended, they were finally in Norway . Now The Trip is planned you ever begun to really explore the 3,000 km (1,864 miles) of fjords and Islands . to forget

"Simply, We Are in The Arctic , not in The Caribbean " published on Facebook

your trip in the direction of the North , loosely followed The Old Hurtigruten ferry route, which was the transport of Norwegians up and down the rugged coast, the since 1893.

An early stop was Stødig birth house - the Norsafe's factory in Arendal, where the rescue Boat was manufactured 23 years ago. A Guided Tour through The Factory was met with an inspection of the Stødig for the confused Norwegians.

The Journey could be completed in the theory, in two weeks, But it lasted four months, explore uninhabited coves, fishing, climbing and visiting a new city every four days or so.

As an architect, you might bring in to do in a income, do freelance Work on their laptops. Friends and supporters joined them along the route for short visits.

"What is important for me is the freedom," said Guylee. "The Shift from routine, look at The Time . "

The challenge in the design was the creation of a comfortable, self-sufficient Floating Home

As they moved to the North , The Boat 's low draught - only 80cm (32") - were you able to reach places that are inaccessible even to boats.

"We were led by Fischer is naked, or if we see something interesting on a map or a satellite photo," Says Guylee.

"We enjoyed decisions about where to go, from day to day. This is the freedom of The Boat . But it was also to strive for good, the last target. "

A July heat wave made the ride through the Geiranger fjord, the more fun

One of the highlights was the Geiranger fjord, one of Norway 's most famous fjords, reached In July . "It is one of The Most beautiful places," Guylee Says .

"crystal-clear water, surrounded by almost vertical cliffs on both sides. We had meant a blistering heatwave, what we were able to really enjoy, to swim, to the glaciers and waterfalls. "

In September, on day 124 of The Trip , you will finally be in Tromsø 70 degrees North ", is the largest city North of the Arctic Circle .

The Winter was spent in Tromsø Skattøra marina. Guylee found a job with a local architecture firm, while David Was able to continue in his Work .

If you are not working, the couple indulged with a shared love for skiing and mountain climbing.

kayaking expeditions have some intense encounters with orca and Humpback Whales . Shackleton has wandered on ice floes and met some curious reindeer on his walks.

The Northern Lights over Tromsø on Boxing Day

On Boxing Day the sky over Tromsø, shimmering with a jaw-dropping display of the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights .

"We Are well in the isolate of the us - But it is different if it is voluntary," Says Guylee.

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