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Abu Sa'id Mirza

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Gender Male
Born Herat
Father Muhammad Mirza
HouseTimurid dynasty
Children Umar Shaikh Mirza II
Sultan Ahmed Mirza
Grandchildren Babur
Sultan Husayn Mirza Bayqara
Khanzada Begum
Aisha Sultan Begum
Parents Muhammad Mirza
Burial Cairo
2022-04-21 06:59:48
2022-06-15 20:14:49
Reign Samarkand
Grandparents Miran Shah
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Abu Sa'id Mirza Life story

Abu Sa'id Mirza was the ruler of the Timurid Empire during the mid-fifteenth century. Born a minor prince of the Timurid dynasty, Abu Sa'id quickly established himself as the most prominent among his warring relations.

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