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Abu-l-'Atahiya photograph


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Gender Male
Born Ayn Al-Tamr
Full nameAbu Isħaq Ismā'īl ibn Qāsim al-ʻAnazī
BooksThe Diwan of Ismaʻil Ibn Al Qasim Ibn Suwaid Ibn Kaisan, Called Abuʼl ʻAtahiya
Job Poet
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Abu-l-'Atahiya Life story

Abū l-ʻAtāhiyya was an Arab poet born in Ayn al-Tamr in the Iraqi desert, near al-Anbar. His ancestors were of the tribe of ʻAnaza. His youth was spent in Kufa, where he was engaged for some time in selling pottery.

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