A Small Circle of Friends

A Small Circle Of Friends

1980 ‧ Drama/Romance ‧ 1h 53m

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  • Initial release
    March 12, 1980
  • Director
    Rob Cohen
  • Screenplay
    Ezra Sacks
  • Music composed by
    Jim Steinman
  • Box office
    766,740 USD
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    When they meet during the 1960s in their freshman year at Harvard University, Leo (Brad Davis), Jessica (Karen Allen) and Nick (Jameson Parker) become close friends. Romantic feelings soon bubble to the surface when both Nick and Leo become enamored of Jessica. At the same time, the three friends are forced to deal with war and political unrest, which become all the more real when Leo is drafted. Meanwhile, Jessica suggests an unconventional solution to their problem. …

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