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Initial release South Korea
DirectorsCho Sun-ho
Revised Romanization Haru
Box office8. 5 million USD
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About A Day

A man commits an unethical act in an attempt to save his daughter's life. Three years later, his actions return to haunt him.

BBC should be 'realistic' on licence fee - Sunak

BBC should be 'realistic' on licence fee - Sunak
Dec 3,2023 9:11 pm

... As part of further changes, an extended hour-long edition of BBC News At One TV bulletin will relocate to Salford while BBC Breakfast, also broadcast from Salford, will be extended by an extra 15 minutes A Day, the corporation said...

How weather apps are trying to be more accurate

How weather apps are trying to be more accurate
Dec 3,2023 7:31 pm

... These days people are using them multiple times A Day, there s more real-time application of weather forecasting, looking at creating alerts in the next few minutes and hours...

American bully XLs: Owners confused by ban, says RSPCA

American bully XLs: Owners confused by ban, says RSPCA
Dec 3,2023 4:40 am

... Another man died after being attacked by a suspected bully XL in October near Houghton-le-Spring, A Day after a toddler was taken to hospital in London after being bitten by a dog thought to be the same breed...

Christmas Trees: Are we decorating too early?

Christmas Trees: Are we decorating too early?
Dec 3,2023 3:51 am

... " It s A Day to spend preparing for the festivities ahead - from food to decorations...

Israel-Gaza war: Residents of Khan Younis say Israeli strikes heaviest since start of war

Israel-Gaza war: Residents of Khan Younis say Israeli strikes heaviest since start of war
Dec 2,2023 1:20 pm

... " Around 50 lorries with aid were allowed to enter Gaza from Egypt on Saturday, after A Day in which no supplies were delivered to the territory...

Russia LGBT: Police raid Moscow gay clubs, media say

Russia LGBT: Police raid Moscow gay clubs, media say
Dec 2,2023 11:31 am

...Police in Moscow have raided several gay clubs, local media report, A Day after Russia s Supreme Court moved to outlaw the " LGBT movement"...

Thurrock residents tell of life under a 'bankrupt' council

Thurrock residents tell of life under a 'bankrupt' council
Dec 1,2023 8:41 pm

... For years, her sister - who has " profound needs" - used A Day care centre five or six days a week and had countless friends there...

Sultan al-Jaber: A quick guide to the COP28 president

Sultan al-Jaber: A quick guide to the COP28 president
Dec 1,2023 8:51 am

... 7m barrels of oil A Day in 2021, with plans to double that by 2027...

Thurrock residents tell of life under a 'bankrupt' council

Dec 1,2023 6:41 am

By Laurence Cawley & Simon DedmanBBC News, Thurrock

A year has passed since Thurrock Council admitted the Full Scale of its financial woes - a £469m deficit That remains one of largest ever recorded by a local authority. What has it been like for those living under what is, effectively, a bankrupt council?

It's a cold, sunny autumn morning at the tranquil Hardie Park in the Thurrock town of Stanford-le-Hope, and parents are happily chatting with one another as children play.

Mention Thurrock Council, however, and The Mood shifts.

Nearly everybody you meet here has noticed Changes since The Council announced a shortfall Three Times larger than its annual budget.

Some might appear trivial, such as verge cutting or alterations to bin collections, while other Changes can have huge consequences for those affected, such as special educational needs provision or axing an element of adult social care.

Thurrock Council, which covers an area of Essex just north of the Thames Estuary , is merely one of an increasing number to have issued a notice under section 114 of The Local Government Finance Act 1988 - effectively meaning The Authority is bankrupt.

Earlier This Week , following the likes of.

The Bbc understands.

Stanford-le-Hope resident Leonie Vince says she is " disgusted" with Thurrock Council.

For years, her Sister - who has " profound needs" - Used A Day care centre five or Six Days a week and had countless friends there.

But when their mother Gillian Flack - a foster carer for 39 years - died suddenly last September aged 67, Mrs Vince's Sister had to go into Residential Care .

Thurrock Council said it could no longer pay for her day care centre provision.

" My poor Sister has felt the cuts massively in the Last Year , " says mother-of-five Mrs Vince. " They've pulled it all because of funding.

" She had her whole world turned Upside Down when our mum dropped down dead. Why should she suffer and lose out? "

She says her Sister is now struggling with her wellbeing.

Mrs Vince also accuses The Council of trying to make subtle Changes to education, health and care plans (EHCP) for children with Special Needs .

She has A Son with autism and says when she looked over a draft EHCP for a fellow parent, she noticed how, unlike her son's plan, it stated the parent was responsible for The Transport .

She says while her friend successfully challenged the addition, she knows of others who had not noticed they would be responsible for travel and had signed the documents.

" They are trying to cut corners and Take Away transport, " she says.

The Council accepts it has added a disclaimer to draft plans in cases where parents have chosen a school That is further away than their nearest suitable one, warning them they will be liable for costs.

Council leader Andrew Jefferies says: " The cost of providing home-to-school transport, and The Number of children transported, has increased since 2021. Any suggestion That this service has been cut is entirely incorrect. "

Irene Muma, who has a three-year-old son, runs The Black Working Mothers Network in Thurrock.

She is now considering leaving The District and moving to Upminster, in Havering, because she feels there is No Future for her and her Young Family in Thurrock.

" I Am conflicted about it, " the 33-year-old says, claiming That when she moved to the area five years ago there were promises of regeneration.

" When The Council revealed what its financial position was it was really shocking and I've been asking, what future does My Family have in Thurrock now? "

Ms Muma, who is an HR business partner, says she has noticed bin collections being missed and is aware of plans to charge for garden waste collections.

" I've been looking over the Proposals - it looks like The People who will be paying The Greatest price will be those on low incomes and The People using social care, " she says.

" The Council has made these mistakes and The Residents are paying The Price . "

Meanwhile, Linda Roberts , a volunteer at the Hardie Park Cafe, says: " They've cut the buses, which has impacted on a lot of People - especially senior citizens, because they've now got to walk quite a way to get the bus.

" When you go for a walk, you see the bins are overflowing, bushes overgrowing and verges not cut, which all makes walking quite hard. "

The Council has ended its £455,000 subsidy for three routes (11, 265 and 374), including one in Stanford-le-Hope.

Responding to Ms Roberts' concerns, Mr Jefferies says supporting some bus services is " simply no longer possible as it does not represent good value for money".

Robert Groves lives around The Corner from Hardie Park - a facility That he helped found as a community project, before handing it over to a trust in 2020.

He claims Thurrock Council's days are numbered and believes it will eventually be abolished.

" I think That 's where it is going, " he says. " I would support That .

" We've only been a unitary since the 1990s and we haven't done a very Good Job . "

He says the main Changes he has seen include missed bin collections and reduced bus services.

" I know People who rely on services More Than I do who have really felt the cuts, whether That 's in transport services or education, " he says. " There are cuts and there are going to be loads more on The Way . "

Asked whether People had been getting the same level and quality of care as they were 18 Months ago, Mr Jefferies says: " Yes. "

He says any resident who disagrees should write to him and he will look into it.

" No statutory services are being cut, " he says. " There may well be cases where We Are reviewing services That have been provided - That 's what this [savings programme] is all about.

" Yes, we've had problems with our environment services, but we've put them right. "

He says the proposed Changes - for example, moving to a fortnightly waste collection and charging residents for garden waste collections - are In Line with other local authorities.

Proposals for £18m of savings have been drawn up and he has urged residents to get involved and let The Council know what they think of them.

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