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A Chinese Ghost Story

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Initial release Hong Kong
Directors Ching Siu-tung
Featured songThe Theme Song of A Chinese Ghost Story
MandarinQiàn Nǚ Yōu Hún
Languages Cantonese, Chinese
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Awards Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Score
Hong Kong Film Award for Best Art Direction
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About A Chinese Ghost Story

In this martial arts film, Ning Choi-san (Leslie Cheung), a traveling tax collector, takes shelter for the night in an abandoned temple. When he meets the lovely maiden Nip Siu-sin (Tsu-hsien Wang), Ning immediately falls for her. Unfortunately, Ning later discovers that she is a ghost who is forced to serve a cruel demon, and he resolves to save her from the evil spirit. Enlisting the aid of Taoist warrior Yin Chik-hsia (Ma Wu), Ning ventures into a supernatural realm to save Nip's soul.

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