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    Why gays in Russia is about 'love and passion'
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    The secret moment between two gay Russian lovers who defied haters.
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  • 2020-02-16
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    Jon and Alex, a gay couple from Russia, share an intimate moment in a small apartment in St. Petersburg.

    This is a secret insight into her private life was products caught by Danish photographer Mads and received the prestigious World Press Photo Award 2015.

    But to admire while people around the world were products of work, life for Jon and Alex was becoming more and more difficult.

    members of the LGBT community in Russia, say, social stigma and the risk of physical attacks have increased since the country's law banning gay propaganda approved " in 2013.

    And for Jon, now that Alex does not live, the image is also a symbol for the painful struggle and, ultimately, loss.

    If you are affected by any of the questions in this film, you will receive tips and information.

    Reporter: Anastassia Zlatopolskai

    producer: Julia Malkin

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