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    We are Stoke-on-Trent: The young carers looking after mum
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    Three sisters are young carers for their mother, MS, and epilepsy has.
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    Sisters Alisha, Amelia and Bethany are like any other fun-loving schoolchildren.

    There is, though, a major part of their life that sets them Apart - they are young carers to their mother who has MS and epilepsy.

    While The Girls are assisted by their father, they need respite from their domestic tasks.

    It is delivered by charity North Staffs Carers, which provides support to unpaid carers.

    But what is The Best bit about having a break from helping mum?

    This video was created as part of - a BBC project with the people of The City to tell the stories that matter to them.

    Filmed by Ben Moore .

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