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Gender Female
Age 66
Official site
Date of birth October 1,1956
Zodiac sign Libra
Born Eastbourne
United Kingdom
Height 172 (cm)
Spouse Philip May
Education St Hugh's College
Wheatley Park School
Previous positionPrime Minister of the United Kingdom (2016–2019)
Party Conservative Party
Position Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
FoundedDepartment For Business
Energy And Industrial Strategy
Nominations NME Award for Villain of the Year
Full nameTheresa Mary May
Current position Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom since 1997
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.

Policing and Crime Bill
Immigration Bill: Commons Disagreements, Reasons and Amendments to the Words Restored to the Bill
Immigration Bill: Explanatory Notes
Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill: (as Amended in Committee)
Police (Complaints and Conduct) Bill: Explanatory Notes
Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill
Lords Amendments to the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill
Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill: Commons Amendment in Lieu
Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill: Amendments to be Moved in Committee
Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill
Modern Slavery Bill: Commons Disagreement and Amendment in Lieu
Investigatory Powers Bill: Explanatory Notes
Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill: Amendments to Be Moved in Committee (supplementary to the Second Marhsalled List)
HLB 51 - Modern Slavery Bill
Lords Amendments to the Immigration Bill
Lords Amendments to the Protection of Freedoms Bill
Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill: Explanatory Notes
Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill: (as Amended in Public Bill Committee)
Protection of Freedoms Bill: (as Amended in Committee)
The Work of the Home Secretary: Oral and Written Evidence, 24 April 2012, Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary
The Complete Collection of Parliamentary Maiden Speeches of the Post-war Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom: Authored by Prime Ministers from Winston Churchill to Theresa May
The Complete Collection of Parliamentary Maiden Speeches of the Post-war Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom: Authored by Prime Ministers from Winston Churchill to Theresa May
Wheatley Park School
Wheatley Park School
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Theresa May Life story

Theresa Mary, Lady May is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2016 to 2019. She previously served in David Cameron's cabinet as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016, and has been Member of Parliament for Maidenhead in Berkshire since 1997.

Early Life and Education of Theresa May

Theresa may was born on october 1st. 1956 in eastbourne. England. She was raised in oxfordshire and attended st. Juliana s convnet school for girls and later. In 1975. She graduated from the university of oxford with a degere in geography.

Political Career of Theresa May

Theresa may began her political career in 1997. When she was elected member of parliament for maidenheads. He has held various positions in the government. Including shadow education secretary and home secretary. In july 2016. She was elected leader of the conservative patry and prime minister of the united kingdom.

Important Events in Theresa May s Political Career

One of the most ipmortant events in theresa may s political career was her involvement in the 2016 brexit referendum. In which she campaigned for the united kingdom to remain in the european union. However. The referendum resulted in a majority vote to leave the e. Uand may has since been tasked with ledaing the uk out of the union.

Theresa May s Policies

Theresa may is known for her strong stance on immigration. Which she has described as “one of the great challenges of our time”. She has also been a vocal advocate for incerasing the rights and protections of workers. And for increasing ufnding for mental health services.

Theresa May s Leadership Style

Theresa may is known for her strong. Decisive leadership style. She has been described as a “principled pragmatist”. And has been praised for her ability to maintain a cool head in difficult stiuations.

Theresa May s International Involvement

Thereas may has been involved in numerous international events since becoming prime minister. She has met with many world leaders. Including us president donald trump. German chancellor anegla merkel. And chinese premier li keqiang.

Theresa May s Awards and Honours

Theresa may has been awarded numerous honours. Including the order of the garter and the grand cross of the order of merit. She has also been honoured with the feredom of the city of london and the freedom of the city of manchester.

Interesting Facts about Theresa May

One interesting fact about theresa may is that she is the second female prime minsiter of the united kingdom. After margraet thatcher. She is also the longest-serving home secretary in the history of the uk. Having held the position from 2010-2016.

Theresa May s Legacy

Thereas may s legacy is still being formed. But she will likely be remembered for her involvement in the brexit referendum and her efforts to lead the uk out of the european union. She will also likely be remembered for her strong stance on immigration and her efforts to improve the rights of workers and increase funding for mental health services.

Local elections 2023: Did voters punish failing councils?

Local elections 2023: Did voters punish failing councils?
May 31,2023 10:40 am

... The last time these seats were contested - the baseline Prof Curtice is talking about - was 2019, when the Conservatives were hit by infighting over Theresa May s Brexit deal...

Net migration: The target that won't stop moving

Net migration: The target that won't stop moving
May 25,2023 9:10 pm

... " No safety in numbersThe promise remained unkept under former prime minister Theresa May, who held the line of " net migration down to the tens of thousands" in the Conservative Party s...

Big migration number sparks even bigger debate

Big migration number sparks even bigger debate
May 25,2023 5:30 pm

... " We believe sustainable numbers are the tens of thousands, " repeated Theresa May...

What it's like interviewing the prime minister

What it's like interviewing the prime minister
May 19,2023 5:21 am

... Like Theresa May and Gordon Brown before him, he is not a performative politician...

Chris Mason: Ministers weigh up tricky options on immigration

Chris Mason: Ministers weigh up tricky options on immigration
May 17,2023 6:00 am

... David Cameron in 2010 and 2015, and Theresa May in 2017 promised to get net migration down to the tens of thousands a year...

Steeltown Murders: How a DNA-first caught a serial killer 30 years on

Steeltown Murders: How a DNA-first caught a serial killer 30 years on
May 14,2023 9:50 pm

... " I ve been going down to her grave for 49 years and it s hard to believe she s there, " said Sandra s friend Theresa May...

Brexit: Rishi Sunak broke his word over EU laws, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

Brexit: Rishi Sunak broke his word over EU laws, says Jacob Rees-Mogg
May 11,2023 5:21 am

... " The divisions in the Conservative Party over Brexit are far from as serious as they were under Theresa May...

Lib Dem peer in bid to block Illegal Migration Bill

Lib Dem peer in bid to block Illegal Migration Bill
May 9,2023 4:31 pm

... The government has also faced strong criticism from senior Tories, including former Prime Minister Theresa May and former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, over the potential impact of the bill on victims of modern slavery...

Steeltown Murders: How a DNA-first caught a serial killer 30 years on

May 5,2023 4:41 am

By Gilbert JohnBBC News

Three 16-year-old Girls strangled, a country's biggest murder hunt and the ground-breaking way police found the serial Killer - this is The Real Life Story behind The Bbc 's latest drama.

Many feared Detectives would never find The Killer known as the 'Saturday Night Strangler ' - But 30 years on, he was found in The Most unlikely place.

It took two Dna -firsts to find The Man who had struck Fear into South Wales .

The Story Of Tragedy and justice is behind the new drama.

It all started in the summer of 1973, when The City and surrounding areas of Swansea were shocked by two incidents of Girls going Out partying But not Returning Home .

In July , 16-year-old Sandra Newton had been Out with her boyfriend in nearby Briton Ferry when she disappeared on her five-mile walk home at around 01:00.

Police believed she had tried to hitchhike her way home.

Sandra's body was found Two Days later in a culvert. She had been hit over The Head and strangled with her own skirt.

Then, in September, Geraldine Hughes and Pauline Floyd were found dead in woodland in nearby Llandarcy after hitchhiking their way home from a Night Out in Swansea.

The 16-year-old best friends had been beaten, raped and strangled, and their bodies dumped just seven miles from where Sandra was found.

Their deaths sparked Wales' biggest murder hunt and a team of 150 officers questioned 35,000 people who loosely fitted the description of The Last person seen with Geraldine and Pauline .

But having bushy hair, a moustache and being A Man between 30 and 35 years of age was not the only lead for investigators - Detectives also had a description of The Car he had been driving.

Their Key Witness had seen The Girls leaving Swansea That Night , getting into a light coloured Morris 1100 being driven by A Man .

As a BBC reporter, I helped to cover these killings back in 1973.

They stunned an area where murders rarely happened.

The Shock of Young Girls going Out For Fun and never Getting Home created a real sense of Fear - and This Man was still at large.

There was a tremendous outpouring of grief. The communities were desperate for somebody to be Caught - But no-one was arrested and there were no strong leads.

When did Detectives link The Murders ?

There were so many areas where The Killer could have come from.

Working without computers, police faced an impossible task as they sifted through a huge pool of possible suspects from A Mountain of paperwork.

Officers, at The Time , considered that the same person had killed all Three Girls - But someone was already in The Frame for Sandra's murder.

The Prime Suspect for Sandra's death was The Last person who saw her. That was her boyfriend, But he maintained his innocence and was never charged.

Despite the brutal similarities, Detectives continued to run separate inquiries into Sandra's death and The Murders of Geraldine and Pauline - until almost 30 years later.

Both investigations were linked in the early 2000s by an emerging crime-solving tool, when South Wales Police started reopening cold cases hoping Dna could finally bring killers to justice.

First Dna breakthrough

Firstly, semen stains on Geraldine and Pauline 's clothing were isolated to show they Matched that of the same Man - But the person was not on the recently opened Dna database.

But a year into the new 'Operation Magnum' inquiry, tests on Sandra's underwear gave Detectives their first major breakthrough.

There was Dna present from an unknown male.

" I recognised straight away from a particular feature of the Dna - This Was the Llandarcy Killer , " said forensic scientist Dr Colin Dark.

" This Was an absolute bombshell because this meant there was a serial Killer operating in South Wales in 1973 killing Young Girls . "

The Breakthrough also categorically proved Sandra's old boyfriend at The Time of her death was completely innocent.

" This Was the First Time in almost 30 years we knew that the same Man had killed all Three Girls , " said The Man that led the new investigation, Det Insp Paul Bethell.

Making Dna History - part one

Because there was no matching sample on The National database, The Killer 's identity still remained a mystery and Detectives asked for help.

But scientists had come up with another trailblazing way of using Dna to catch The Murderer .

" We started to think was it possible that we could use the idea that crime can run in families, " said Dr Dark, whose team was continually checking the sample with new profiles on the ever-growing Dna database.

" You inherit your Dna from your parents and you pass your Dna onto a child. So could we look on the Dna database for a child of the offender? This Was a definite possibility. "

Dr Dark said that meant " getting a spreadsheet printout of several thousand Dna profiles from men in the South Wales area, sitting down with a pencil and a ruler and crossing Out everyone that doesn't match. "

" After several hours of going through The Process , we were left with about 100 names. They were all exact half matches to the offender's profile. So they were potentially children of the offender, " He Said .

" This Was a ground breaking technique, the First Time it's ever been done in the UK and possibly The World - and from there, the new investigative tool now known as was developed. "

Meanwhile, Detectives had painstakingly wittled down The List of 35,000 possible killers to just 500 Prime Suspects .

" Our shortlist was based on the description of the individual, did the owner have a 1100 car and did they have previous convictions for violence or sexual offences, " recalled Det Insp Bethell.

Could Joe Kappen be The Killer ?

After cross referencing both lists, one surname stood Out - Kappen.

Local Car Thief Paul Kappen's Dna was on the database after committing offences in and around the Port Talbot area, But he was only seven at The Time of The Murders .

His dad, however, had been questioned back in 1973 because he fitted the description of The Wanted Man - and drove a light-coloured Morris 1100.

That same year, police visited nightclub bouncer and part-time Bus Driver Joseph (Joe) Kappen's house on Port Talbot 's Sandfields council estate.

But he had an alibi from his wife and claimed his car was broken down on The Night of The Murders .

" He was known in the community as a bit of a thug, " recalled DCI Bethell.

" He had a History of Domestic Violence and had been to prison on A Number of occasions. "

Now, with his son's Dna proving he was a 50% match of The Killer 's Dna , Joseph Kappen became the Prime Suspect - Decades after The Murders .

But there was a problem getting a Dna swab from him when they knocked on his door.

Kappen had died of Lung Cancer 11 years earlier in 1990, aged 48.

To confirm police suspicions, scientists requested Dna swabs from Kappen's ex-wife and daughter to compare them to The Killer 's sample.

" That gave us two-thirds of a full profile for Joe Kappen, " said Dr Dark, whose team were based at the old forensic laboratory in Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

" When we compared that to The Crime stain profile, we could see that Matched - But we needed the full profile to make absolutely sure that we had identified The Killer . "

Making Dna History - part two

Detectives were determined to be absolutely certain that Kappen was The Killer so the families of the Three Girls could have some sort of closure.

That meant exhuming Kappen's body, which would be the First Time that a Suspect would be exhumed in the UK to prove guilt.

Detectives needed to go to The Top for permission and seek the home secretary's approval.

" My main concern was whether there was sufficient evidence because it is a big step As If you get it wrong, the families involved would rightly be aggrieved, " said Lord Blunkett, home secretary between 2001 and 2004.

" My decision was very clear that Joseph Kappen's body should be exhumed to test once and for All That This Was The Man who committed The Murders and bring whatever comfort we could to the families. For the sake of everyone, finding The Truth was really important. "

So History was made in May 2002, when exhumation of the three-person grave began on the stroke of midnight.

" It was a horrible night and just as we got to Kappen's coffin, there was a clap of thunder, " recalled Dr Dark.

" It was The Feeling that evil had been identified, it sent shivers down my spine. "

Forensic Dna examination at nearby Morrison hospital in Swansea proved Kappen was The Killer of all Three Girls , after almost three Decades .

'She can finally rest in peace'

" No words can describe The Way we all felt, it was a huge relief, " said Geraldine's cousin, Julie Begley.

" None of us ever stopped hoping that One Day we would find Out who he was. Although you get on with your life, it never goes away.

" Geraldine was a fantastic girl. She was always full of fun. "

It was not just closure for Geraldine and Pauline 's loved ones, But for Sandra's family and Close Friends too.

" I've been Going Down to her grave for 49 years and it's hard To Believe she's there, " said Sandra's friend Theresa May .

" My beautiful friend. She had her life Taken Away from her, her future Taken Away from her.

" I still think about her now. All these things that we could have and should have done together.

" But After All of those years, she can finally rest in Peace Now . "

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