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Initial release Canada
Directors Radley Metzger
Story by Catherine Robbe-Grillet
Screenplay Radley Metzger
Producers Max Pécas
Gill Champion
Marty Richards
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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About The Image

The Image is a 1975 American adult drama that was re-released in an edited version in 1976. The film is also known by two other titles: The Punishment of Anne and The Mistress and the Slave and was directed by Radley Metzger.

Can Sunak-Macron bromance help stop the boats?

Can Sunak-Macron bromance help stop the boats?
Mar 10,2023 6:30 pm

... It was The Image that said more than many more words had sought to convey...

Police release CCTV image after elderly man set on fire

Police release CCTV image after elderly man set on fire
Mar 10,2023 7:30 am

... " A key part of that is identifying the man in The Image we have released, " he said...

Toblerone: Swiss rules mean chocolate bar to drop Matterhorn from packaging

Toblerone: Swiss rules mean chocolate bar to drop Matterhorn from packaging
Mar 5,2023 12:40 pm

... US firm Mondelez said The Image of the 4,478m (14,692 ft) mountain will be replaced by a more generic summit...

Emmanuel Macron's mission to counter Russia in Africa

Emmanuel Macron's mission to counter Russia in Africa
Mar 3,2023 8:30 pm

... Furthermore opponents of Gabon s President Ali Bongo Ondimba and DR Congo s President Félix Tshisekedi have been complaining that Mr Macron s visit could be read as interference to bolster The Image of these incumbent rulers in what is an election year for both countries...

First class stamp price to rise above £1

First class stamp price to rise above £1
Mar 3,2023 10:11 am

... The price increase will come in the day before the first stamps with The Image of King Charles are released...

St David: Ten things to know about the patron saint of Wales

St David: Ten things to know about the patron saint of Wales
Mar 1,2023 6:50 am

... Even The Image of St David has changed over the centuries...

Drone crash near Moscow was failed attack, governor says

Drone crash near Moscow was failed attack, governor says
Feb 28,2023 2:10 pm

... A reverse image reveals no previous matches for The Image, suggesting it is recent...

Ukraine war: Viral conspiracy theories falsely claim the war is fake

Ukraine war: Viral conspiracy theories falsely claim the war is fake
Feb 27,2023 4:11 pm

... The Image led to claims that either the block had never been hit, or that the entire war is a hoax, because - the argument went - it would be impossible to restore a building during an ongoing conflict...

George Santos: Drag queen claims embroil embattled congressman

Feb 26,2023 4:11 am

By Sam CabralBBC News, Washington

He admitted he was guilty of " embellishing" his biography and resume - But Republican lawmaker George Santos said he was definitely never a drag queen.

Or at least that was until photos and videos of what appears to be the New York congressman performing in drag during his younger days in Brazil surfaced online.

" I was young and had fun at a festival, " Mr Santos , 34, insisted to The Pack of reporters chasing after him at The Airport on Saturday.

More evidence has since circulated, further corroborating that the performer known to friends in the Rio de Janeiro area as " Kitara Ravache" is in fact the newly elected member of Congress.

The Bbc is not responsible for the content of external sites.

An unbowed Mr Santos took to Twitter on Monday, calling those impersonating him on late-night television " embarrassing" And Then feuding with drag personality Trixie Mattel .

The Congressman was only Sworn In 19 days ago, But is already facing multiple calls to step down. He has allegedly lied about his college degrees, his work experience, his campaign finances, his animal charity and even his faith. He has also falsely claimed that his grandparents survived The Holocaust and that His Mother died in the 9/11 terror attack.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Mr Santos would be removed from Congress if The House Ethics Committee finds he broke The Law .

But the revelations of his drag queen past have left even more questions to answer as he settles into the ranks of a Republican Party increasingly hostile to drag culture.

While no Republican members of Congress have directly addressed the drag allegations, drag has become a hot-button issue in The Party .

At least eight states have introduced Republican-backed legislation to restrict or censor drag shows, according to the Pen America free-speech group.

Right-wing groups across the country have targeted drag story Hours - in which drag queens read stories to children in libraries, schools and bookstores - and parental rights' groups have opposed drag events, which many in conservative media claim are " grooming" and " sexualising" children.

Moms for Liberty, a conservative activist group, argues drag should be confined to " adult spaces" and that " bringing drag into Our Children 's schools is intentionally provocative. They want to provoke people to react to this. "

Mr Santos ' own colleague, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, has said the drag " agenda" is " targeting Our Children ".

Critics of that position argue it sits within a long history of anti-LGBT Rhetoric .

" It's a backlash to 50 Years of increasing freedom of dress and increasing visibility for the LGBTQ community, " says Michael Bronski , a Harvard University professor who has written extensively on sexuality and LGBT politics.

Organised opposition of this kind was last seen in the 1970s, he says, when activists and evangelical Christian leaders launched a " moral panic" that came to be known as the Save Our Children coalition.

Drag opponents today are employing the same " old line of attack" Mr Bronski notes, But are up against an LGBT community that has made " inescapable" advances woven into the fabric of American culture.

Political attacks against drag culture growing

There is little indication yet of where Mr Santos , who ran his campaign as an openly gay Republican, stands on The Right 's anti-drag legislation and Rhetoric - But he has embraced other anti-LGBT talking points prevalent in some Republican circles. In 2020, He Said same-sex couples are " an attack on The Family unit" and children raised in such households tend to Grow Up " troubled". He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Florida law that restricts LGBT education in primary schools, labelled " Don't Say Gay" by its critics.

Jeff Livingston, a drag queen from Long Island - a portion of which is represented by Mr Santos - has performed for nearly a decade at clubs and story Hours under the name Annie Manildoo. As Republicans have ramped up their Rhetoric against the drag community, he has encountered more protests at his drag events in The Past year and typically does not leave events in full drag anymore, for safety reasons, He Said .

But he is not perturbed.

" Drag has become so mainstream that it's an easier target now, " he says. " Any time a minority group grabs any kind of power, the majority gets a little anxious about it. "

With a background in acting and education, he also works regularly at theatres and summer camps. " There are a lot of queer folks who work regularly with kids of all ages with no issues ever arising, despite The Image conservatives try to paint of us being sexual deviants, " He Said .

At the New York -based Screaming Queens company, Alex Heimberg manages over 100 drag performers, who he says are more in demand than ever, for everything from birthdays to fundraising galas.

" The country is very divided [But ] it's not like everybody hates drag and is protesting, " He Said .

Mr Heimberg, 55, who performed in the 1990s and 2000s as the prominent drag queen Miss Understood, says he thinks it is hypocritical for Republicans to keep George Santos in Congress while decrying drag.

" His misdeeds are more important than the fact that he was a drag queen, " he added. " The fact that he was a drag queen is just an extra reason to have a giggle at his expense. "

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