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    The Estate is a novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer. The story continues the narratives of The Manor in the historical story of late 19th Century Polish Jews.

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  • 3071854 Dua Lipa-interview: How I released an album of lockdown

    Number of words : 1750 Number of sentences : 78 Number of paragraphs : 56

    your new album is rooted in the 1980s, with references to Prince, Blondie, INXS and Madonna

    Four weeks ago, Dua Lipa flew Back To London after the games in Sydney Mardi to discover the Grass, their apartment had flooded.

    The Singer -songwriters rents an Airbnb, while the repairs were carried out. Now, you and your friend are There you are stuck for the duration of the suspension.

    "I really enjoy it," she says of The Bbc over The Phone . "I'm doing things I don't normally get the chance to do the reading just to sleep and a book and catching up on TV shows. "

    Sleep was not provided, that is on The Agenda this month.

    Dua ' s second album, future nostalgia, was primed for release at the beginning of April, and her diary for the rest of the year 2020 was Packed - with a world tour, a Glastonbury slot, and an appearance on Saturday Night Live all for The Coming weeks.

    But also artists like Lady Gaga , Sam Smith and Haim albums have been delayed by the coronavirus, Dua determined her to the front, so that it is planned for fans a week earlier than.

    The Star was, and chatted with the fans of lockdown in London

    It was not an easy decision. The Star was in tears as she announced The News in a YouTube live stream, not least because The Album leaked online (a situation which will be described later as "a pain in the ass").

    in the end, she thinks, it was better, the recording of the free instead of the concern for the "perfect" release strategy.

    "I have to get this album, away from the pressure and fears and opinions of the outside world," she says.

    "Yes, it was made to be heard in clubs and at Festivals - But at the same time, I wanted to give people a little happiness in This Time , where you don't have to think About what is going on and just turn it off and dancing.

    "Maybe he was just come now instead of later. "

    Future nostalgia, heading to Number One in the UK and in the Top Five in the United States is currently. It is also one of the So Far with an average grade of 88 on Metacritic.

    just Like the title says, it sounds like a throwback recording from the year 2050 - the laser-gun-pop-melodies, paired with squelchy funk basslines and disco grooves.

    Dua dreamed of, the concept by the end of 2018 as they went around The Strip in Las Vegas .

    "I had already knew have begun work on the recording and I that I wanted to, that it influenced My Childhood , But I had not quite figured out which direction I wanted to go," she recalls.

    "I had my headphones in and went for a walk to clear your head, blow when I was like, 'Oh, I know, the future of nostalgia might work. '

    "first of all, I'm worried that it was too on The Nose , also a literal, But by The Time I went Back To my hotel, I'd solidified in my head.

    "I messaged my manager and said, 'I have my album title is, I'm going to start from, to the rear of the work from There . '"

    The Album is set to go to capture the Number One in the UK on Friday

    The First Song is a euphoric roller skating jam, the watches with 103bpm, the same Sweet Spot , which was The Essence of the idea, such as the Bee Gees ' Night Fever .

    "It was The Song that contributed to the record," says Dua, who has, "so excited" in the studio before the recording session was a spontaneous party.

    "We ate so many doughnuts, we were literally in limbo, because we were so high on sugar" in a Q& A session last week.

    "people see you as "established"

    in contrast to her self-titled debut album, she has a writing credit on every song. As a result, you will get a clearer picture of The Star -Personality - intelligent, strong-willed, passionate, and really, dancing is really committed to.

    "With my first Album, I had the good fortune, the songs, how New rules and The One that I have not written, But they were also a massive part of my career," she says. "But I also felt like I had to do a lot of to prove.

    "For a pop artist, people will see that you have made, and that you will only have a writing credit for the activation. But , for the songs I wrote, I was in these meetings, and they are my personal experiences. And this is something I wanted to, in every interview I did. "

    The stars were not in this year, the Grammys with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid

    This Time , Dua says that you go with an attitude that reject you would, Other People 's songs. It just turned out that she was "very excited and knew exactly what I wanted to say".

    This is the clearest on the two songs that bookend The Album . Both the different aspects of feminism, the setting is explained with the following agenda: "I know you ain' T consider used to be a female alpha. "

    "I'm not suggesting that what I Am ," she says. "But if you sing The Song , you want more and more power. "

    the Closing of The Album is the more reflective, the votes have to think About the everyday fears of the women, But men rarely is, will be ignored and treated as worse than The Threat of violence.

    in A striking line About "putting your keys between your knuckles" worn by real-life experience.

    "I remember Walking Home , especially in The Winter time, when I get up from my bus and try to get To My apartment, which was reminiscent of a three-minute walk from the Bus Stop , and just terrified of the guys on bikes cat-calling around The Estate ", The Singer .

    they contain the line, to speak directly to her female fans, "so that you can feel, see, and feel, hear and know that we are all About the same things".

    - reinforced

    The Song is The fulfillment of all Dua has to say About feminism, because the New rules will catapult you to worldwide fame three years ago.

    you talked About the right to abortion, criticized The Treatment of women in Saudi Arabia , and presented in the Cambridge Union.

    Also at the Grammys, where she won best new artist-in-2019, your time on The Podium to criticize former Recording Academy president Neil Portnow, Who Said women needed to "Step Up " if they wanted fairer representation in award shows.

    "I get a lot of leeway to speak out, But these are the things I Am passionate - and that's it," she says. Many other Pop Stars would, biting of the tongue or shy away from such Confrontation .

    "I didn't feel The Need that I had to get someone to write the songs for me. "

    toughness, however, is in your blood. Born In London, her Kosovar-Albanian parents and brought them Back To Pristina, at the Age Of 13 years - But it lasted only two years before returning to the UK, alone, to pursue their dream, singer.

    "I don't have the feeling that There was enough opportunity for me to do in order to be able, this is from Kosovo.

    "So, when I moved to London at the Age Of 15 years, I was Still Going to school, But I thought, I'm going to the use of Social Media To My advantage and I won a couple of cover online.

    "Deep Down , I wanted the Justin Bieber effect, where someone would Find Me on YouTube!"

    One of her First Tv appearances was in an advertisement for The X-factor (although they played it for The Show )

    in order To earn money for music sessions, she worked in restaurants and night clubs, eventually scoring a record contract at the Age Of 18 years.

    her debut album has been delayed Three Times , as she fought to gain traction on The Charts - But until February 2017, had. three singles in The Top 15 at the same time

    the summer, in which they sent the New rules, you sphere your career into the stratosphere. The pastel-coloured message of female companionship in his Video Girls leaning on each other, looking after each other and support each other - crystallized everything, what is Dua Lipa unique.

    The Experience also helped her define who she wanted to be as an artist.

    "I feel like I Am much more In Touch with who I Am now," she says. "I have a very clear idea of what I'm doing and what I want to say. Things I'm not afraid of. "

    The trust set the tone for Future nostalgia. She put the report On Ice cream after it was done, so she could concentrate on the visuals (The Album cover literally puts you in the driver's seat) and work on your choreography.

    "On my first Album, I learned everything, how it went," she says. "I felt like The First three shows of every tour my sample were the days, figuring out what was my set list, and talk About how I'm going to hire me and how I was going to an audience, and All That stuff.

    'The Best That I could,'

    "This Time , I knew I wanted to go to the end of my record And Then I really wanted to get into The Performance side is to make sure that I had enough time for the samples to ensure that every performance is unique. "

    future-nostalgia is out now.

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