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    Stormont agreement: your questions answered
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    BBC News NI answer your questions about the offer, broke the Stormont deadlock.
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    NI Secretary Julian Smith was the key to the help of the political cul-de-SAC

    Northern Ireland -unlock proposed by the Political Parties to the government after agreeing to a deal, The British and the Irish government.

    The British and Irish government published The Draft on Friday night in an attempt to restore the Executive after three years of political deadlock in Stormont.

    On Saturday, the DUP, Sinn Féin, the SDLP, UUP and Alliance, all joined the Board, bringing the paralysis to an end.

    We answer your questions, what's The Deal and how it could work.

    I see this deal comes with The Money from Westminster. What happened to the 1 billion, the DUP £secured in exchange for the support for Theresa May , especially now that everything has changed in Westminster? - Mick O'reilly

    The £1 billion secured by the DUP was, In Return , the circuit lights Theresa May form the minority Conservative government and covered a two-year period from June 2017 to June 2019.

    The Money was divided between infrastructure, broadband, education, poverty and health.

    All The Money to spend, apart from the broadband share.

    the procurement process is implemented in swing, see the broadband project, in the next few years.

    But the contract was not renewed when it came to an end, and in December, Boris Johnson won a majority and did not need the DUP support.

    DUP of trust and signed the delivery contract with Theresa May , the Conservatives, Why, we had to rely on the two parties to agree? Why are all the parties that are not involved in the Executive branch up and running?

    The Five largest parties - the DUP, Sinn Féin, Alliance, the SDLP and the UUP - were entitled to all the parties involved in the discussions to a certain degree, and all five are, the seats at the executive table.

    But The British and the Irish government have been the most focused on the DUP and Sinn Féin as the largest trade Union and nationalist parties respectively.

    is Set Up The way the Stormont system of government, it means it can not work without the largest trade Union and nationalist parties of the occupation of the first Minister and Deputy first Minister.

    This is the St. Andrew's agreement, it was agreed in 2007, when devolution was restored after a suspension of almost five years.

    Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald and DUP leader, Arlene Foster , were major players in the negotiations, I would like some reference to the protection of loyalist culture. People talk about the Irish language, but no reference or questions were Protected raised about loyalism/unionism - David dyn

    The Draft deal proposes the creation of a term of identity and Cultural expression. There are two commissioners, one who is "to recognise, support, protect and enhance the development of the Irish language" and The Other , which would tradition "improvement and development of the language, the arts, and the literature in connection with the Ulster-Scots/British would be".

    There is also a section in The Deal title is "the promotion of Northern Irish culture, heritage and society", the States, The British government is working on in addition to the head, to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland in 2021.

    It will also be flown to the States of The Union flag on government buildings in Northern Ireland on three additional days per year, while a "connected classroom program would" connect Young People in Northern Ireland with the opportunity to engage and share with other Young People across the UK".

    Belfast City Hall is working on many buildings in Northern Ireland , the only fly The Union flag on certain days, such As the translation hub? Is it possible for everyone to have a debate in the Irish in The Assembly chamber? The control committees of business in the Irish and require a translator?

    The Deal says a Central "translation hub" will be established, Irish and Ulster-Scots translation services for The Nine executive departments, "arm's length bodies", the local government and public institutions.

    Someone will be able to speak in The Assembly of the chamber or committees of The Assembly in either Irish or Ulster-Scots, but this would be translated simultaneously, so that those who do not speak these languages, can understand what is being said

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