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    Alexandra "Sandy" Ratcliff is an English former actress. She made an impression as a model and film actress in the 1970s, but she is best known for being one of the original cast members in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in the 1980s.

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    Former EastEnders actress Sandy Ratcliff died after taking an excessive amount of morphine while suffering from two terminal lung conditions, is part of an investigation.

    she was one of the BBC soap's original cast members, as a cafe owner Sue Osman from 1985 to 1989.

    Off-screen she fought a heroin addiction for 20 years, is an investigation at poplar Coroner's court was told.

    Ratcliff, in assisted living, in north-east London.

    The Actress first major role was in Ken Loach 's Family Life in 1971, in which she played a schizophrenic teenager.

    her EastEnders character Sue Osman fought against the sudden infant Death syndrome, and her husband of infidelity, she was cut and written out of the BBC soap.

    Ratcliff's other TV appearances after EastEnders contain a series of Maigret in 1992, opposite Michael Gambon .

    The inquiry had heard Ratcliff, was released from the hospital The Day before she died, and given morphine for pain relief.

    their son, William Palmer, said that his mother suffered three strokes in The Years before her Death - The First place shortly after her partner died in 2013.

    (L-R) Nejdet Salih, Oscar James , Sandy Ratcliff , John Altman , and Tom watts in the main role, in EastEnders in 1985

    evidence, he said the stroke had left you with pain in your left arm, for which codeine was prescribed, but the inquest heard it would take Ratcliff, More Than the prescribed amount for both pain management and "recreational use".

    her conclusion, coroner Mary Hassell said Ratcliff was "near the end", if you are admitted to the hospital.

    "I don't think the morphine was used to end her life to make," She Said . "It was as you have taken drugs for many years. "

    "she died of a combination of two naturally occurring terminal conditions and an excess of morphine. "

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