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Richard Benyon photograph

Richard Benyon

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Gender Male
Age 61
Date of birth October 21,1960
Zodiac sign Libra
Born Reading
United Kingdom
Office Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
ResidenceEnglefield House
United Kingdom
ParentsBill Benyon
SpouseZoe Benyon
Emma Helen Villiers
Elizabeth Hallifax
Job Politician
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Richard Benyon Life story

Richard Henry Ronald Benyon MP is a British Conservative Party politician. He was first elected as the MP for Newbury in 2005 and was a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.


Brexit showdown: Who is the Tory were rebels who defied Boris Johnson?

Feb 16,2020 5:53 am

Boris Johnson distributed to 21 members of Parliament-Conservative Party , to prevent after they rebelled against him in a trial, a no-Escape deal.

who had the Tory whip: two ex-chancellors and A Number of high-ranking personalities in Theresa May and David Cameron 's governments.

Some have said, you will have to fight attempts at the next Election - and others have vowed to stop them, they stand again as a Conservative candidate.

It Comes after The Rebels together with the opposition on Tuesday a move that paves the path for a bill to delay the UK's exit date.

The legislation would force, to delay the Prime Minister Brexit until January 2020 unless MPs approve either a New Deal or no-deal-exit from the 19. October.

who are the Tory MPs who opposed the Prime Minister are?

Philip HammondThe the former Chancellor, who is The Rebels ' coordinates passed in the efforts, The Move was not simply to block a no-deal stop, But to also consider that the Parliament is the right time and implement the New Deal agreed.

The 63-year-old have for Theresa May Brexit agreement Three Times , But has Brexiteers to a bogey Figure for many Tory. Do you think he has always exaggerated the economic risks of a Brexit and tried to disrupt planning for no deal while in the treasure chamber.

The Runnymede and Weybridge MP has said he will vigorously contest any attempt to disable him as a candidate in the next elections, perhaps by legal action.

But his constituency Association adopted officially back him as their candidate on Monday evening, stating that he would no longer be "eligible to stand" after the loss of the Tory whip.

"is selected, A new Conservative candidate, and by the General Assembly from time to time," She Said .

David GaukeTheresa the former Minister of justice, is a further measure, the - so much so that he and his anti-no-deal, the employee the nickname "Gaukeward squad".

The 48-year-old Ex-lawyer - who was George Osborne , the Number Two in the Treasury in the pre-referendum Days , has said that a no would end the deal a "big mistake" for the United Kingdom, and he would not be "complicit" in something, what would be see people lose their jobs.

South West Hertfordshire MP faced calls at the beginning of this year, some of the activists in his constituency to deselect him.

Faced with the same threat now from No 10, he said he was ready, The National interest ahead of his own future career prospects by voting against the government. He said he believed that Downing Street wanted to conduct a "cleansing" of dissident voices.

Dominic grieve unlike Mr Hammond and Mr Gauke, Mr Grieve has a frequent and high-profile rebels on Brexit during the last two years - opposing Theresa May retreat-the deal Three Times .

The former attorney General is a strong supporter of a referendum on Britain's future in Europe, to stay with the option.

The 63-year-old says he sees a no-deal exit as "unacceptable" and will always vote against him - even if he takes his career a hit.

Beaconsfield MP, has said that he wants to fight the next Election as a Conservative, But a price to pay he is ready is disabled.

he said Mr Grieve urged to "refrain" from the rebel But thanked him for his "long service".

Earlier this year, Mr Grieve, a miss lost of confidence by local Conservatives following a "robust discussion" about Brexit.

Ken Clark, another former Chancellor, Mr Clarke is The Most Europhile member of his party and has long been out-of-step with the views of Europe.

in the against the 2016 Brexit referendum and was the only Tory MP-Election against the release of the article 50 procedure for leaving the EU.

He has gone so far as to say he would vote against the government in a confidence vote to prevent a no-deal.

The 79-year-old has previously suggested he could. as MP for Rushcliffe at the next Election

His constituency association said it was sad to lose him from The Party and paid tribute to his "enviable and unique" service, since he was first elected in 1970.

He added that "any future correspondence should be sent directly to his office in The House of Commons, instead of the Rushcliffe Conservative Association office.

Sir Oliver LetwinThe ex-Cabinet minister, was a leader in the attempt by MPs in April, the hammer on a Brexit compromise by seizing control of the parliamentary timetable.

also, He led a party to force the cross-bill designed to Theresa May on the search for a Brexit extension earlier this year, and was the MP, of a request for an emergency debate on Tuesday, to begin The Process that led to Boris Johnson the defeat, about the latest no-deal Brexit bill.

A consummate Westminster insider, he is one of the leading "soft Brexiteer" those who believe that the referendum result must be honoured, But the UK care should have close economic relations with Europe.

The West Dorset MP said he will not contest the next General elections riding.

Justine GreeningThe former education Secretary announced on Tuesday she would Remain as an MP for the mainly pro-constituency of Putney in southwest London, when the next Election comes.

they warned that the Parliament was the ability to be a force for change, particularly in terms of improving social mobility, compromised by "Brexit short-sightedness".

you voted Three Times against Theresa May Brexit agreement, saying that it was not delivered is to Rely on the promises, voters are given nothing to Stay younger.

warning of their party was Leak-morphing into The Party , She Said she would support the enactment of legislation, all of Brexit-options "on the table", and to ensure that Parliament has a real say in the outcome.

Rory StewartThe former international development Secretary has said, claiming that a no-deal exit is a "clean and simple" break " from the EU were disingenuous as in reality, it would be years of economic and political uncertainty.

Mr Stewart suggested that such a result would be "remembered for 40 Years ", and would permanently damage The Party reputation.

Despite the loss of The Whip , he is told, "do not give up" on his Cumbrian constituency, and would be still, the inhabitants of Penrith and The Border .

He says it should be up to their local club, whether to allow him to contest the next Election and "purge" him and The Other rebels who was not as a candidate, a Conservative reaction

Alistair BurtThe former Middle East minister, a respected Figure in The Party , has said he has a "fundamental and irresolvable" differences of opinion with The Party leadership over Brexit.

He has said he will stand down as MP for North East Bedfordshire at the next Election , she served in The Commons since 1983.

Speaking in The Commons , he said, he accepted the rules of The Party , But asked to reflect on colleagues, on the Question , "if we are permanently deleted, well, then who's next?".

He said the Brexit cramps in his party, "can be a detriment to my future, But it will not Rob me of, what I believe, and I'm going to go on the search, in the sky, not down at my shoes".

Sir Nicholas Soames Winston Churchill's grandson, was among those who had not complied with the clock on Tuesday for last-ditch talks rebelled, however, after the completion of the transaction accessible in the available time frame.

Speaking in The Commons , he joked that he was inspired "by the serial infidelity" of the Prime Minister and other members of the current Cabinet on Brexit in The Past .

He added that it is his "fervent hope is that this house will again, the willingness to compromise, humility, and understanding" is required to Escape to a resolution, and they focus on all The Other challenges facing the country.

had removed The Whip , he has said he will not stand at the next Election - its significance in the vicinity of 37-year Commons career is approaching its end.

lady Caroline Spelman

The veteran Conservative MP for Meriden, the government supports the vote on Tuesday, to be increased if hardware control of parliamentary business.

But you joined the ranks of The Rebels , when the draft law paves Leak the way for a further delay, if no deal is reached, was elected for the First Time .

in contrast to those who rebelled on Tuesday, they had not pulled The Whip back, But she has said she will not stand at the next Election .

former Conservative Party chair environment Secretary, David Cameron , to her Midlands constituency is home to A Number of companies supply components for the UK automotive industry.

The 61-year-old has expressed concerns about the impact of a no-deal-UK to exit the EU on the industry.

Other deputies, the rebel: Greg Clark : The former managing Director's Secretary was one of The Strongest supporters of Theresa May , the Brexit business. He has said no deal would be "ruinous".

What questions do you have about the latest Brexit developments?

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